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Advanced Selection, Interviewing and Recruitment Skills (Certified Recruitment Analyst)

By: GLOMACS Training and Consultancy

United Arab Emirates

18 - 22 Nov, 2012  5 days

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In today?s business world Interviewing has been identified as a critical management skill. Proven results have concluded that the ?Old Style? interview is a failure. Published results show it?s less than 1.5% likely to be successful. The new approach to interviewing is to use the behavioural approach ? as recommended by psychologists. The approach once mastered will transform your ability to interview effectively. Also featured in this advanced program will be explanations and demonstrations of psychometric tests and personality questionnaires. This technique ? once mastered can be used for appraisal and disciplinary interviews. Interviewing techniques have advanced so much in the last few years no one who has not been trained since 2009 should be interviewing as they are probably no longer competent. You will experience the new complete interview process The course focuses specifically of the new advances in psychology and behavioural techniques The program is very practical; you will gain the confidence and techniques to be effective as soon as you return to work You will see the big advantages of using testing and experience one of the world?s top profilers yourself ? either the NEO ? PIR or the SHLOPQ 32 The program is conducted so you have the opportunity to build on your experiences under the expert tutorage of the leading European occupational psychologist

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Nov 18 - 22 Nov, 2012

009714 4250714

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