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Advanced Fx Options and Structured Products


United Kingdom

26 Nov - 29 Dec, 2012  2 month, 4 days

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The agenda of this course will offer delegates a thorough and practical understanding of currency option pricing and risks and will explain how options can be used in directional and non-directional strategies, together with their dynamic hedging implications. The programme will also focus on analysing, structuring and decomposing hedging, trading and investment strategies utilising both vanilla and exotic options. Delegates will construct and examine a wide variety of directional and non-directional strategies, formulate strategies to meet client exposure management and other objectives, and decompose a range of structured option strategies into their component parts. The impact of changing market conditions on the pricing and performance of these strategies will also be examined. Particular emphasis is placed on the dynamic interaction between option price determinants, the impact on portfolio risk of higher order risk properties of vanilla and exotic options (e.g. Vanna, Volga) and their pricing and risk management. Particular attention will be placed on higher order volatility risks Vanna and Volga, and their management within portfolios of vanilla and exotic option types. The programme will then focus on exotic options and a range of the more commonly executed structured FX products as well as their pricing and risk characteristics, in order to understand the motivations and rationale for their usage in a variety of different hedging and trading applications .

Central London Hotel Nov 26 - 29 Dec, 2012
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