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Successful Fleet and Transport Management

By: Multimix Academy Limited

State, Nigeria

29 - 31 May, 2013  3 days

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Good fleet management can result in savings of a few percent, which can translate into millions of dollars on large projects. The fleet is defined as any mobile equipment that does any work, be it above ground, underground, diesel or electric. Operators should firstly ensure the fleet is fit for purpose, correctly specified, adequately maintained and available. The second part of fleet management is the actual managing and efficient usage. Haulage is usually the single biggest fleet cost. As fuel prices rise, this will only rocket upwards. By starting with a good layout design for the overall site, the efficiency of haulage operations can be drastically increased. Roadways should be designed, constructed and maintained to reduce rolling resistance and inertia. These factors can have a large effect on fuel usage. If the roads are not in good condition, vehicles can experience excessive wear. With the rising costs in raw materials like rubber, consumables like tyres can be expensive to replace. Payload management is also essential to the optimization process. The difference between the weight and density of the materials can be large, especially when comparing dry bulk density to wet loose density of the same substance. While hauling units or trucks have a clear maximum weight payload, fleet management involves more than just knowing what the maximum weight is. The body tray might need to be designed to accommodate the specific materials. Operators also need to understand the move from in situ dry bulk density to wet loose density.

Multimix Global Learning Centre. 3rd Floor, Tapa House, Imam Dauda Street, By Sunflag, Eric Moore, Surulere, Lagos May 29 - 31 May, 2013
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