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Procurement Planning and Management Workshop

By: Centre for Management Development

Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

17 - 21 Jun, 2013  5 days

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Sound public procurement policies and practices are essential elements of good governance. Good practices reduce cost and produce timely results; poor practices lead to waste and delays, and are often the cause of allegations of corruption and government inefficiency.  However, difficulties and delays often encountered  during  project  implementation  have been found to result from insufficient knowledge of procurement practices and procedures.    Recent reforms in public procurement practices in Nigeria have brought to the fore the importance of good procurement and contract management practices. The Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) has established general policies and guidelines relating to public sector procurement, and for supervising procurement implementation as well as reviewing the procurement  and award of contract procedures of public organizations. Efficient public procurement is not difficult to describe in principle or to distinguish from its antithesis in practice. But it does require varied professional and technical know-how to establish, as well as discipline and determination to administer.

CMD South-South Zonal Office, Jimbo House, 131 Udoumana Street, Uyo. Jun 17 - 21 Jun, 2013
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