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Electricity Economics and Financial Analysis


United Kingdom

14 - 17 Oct, 2013  4 days

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Electricity Economics and Financial Analysis is a four day intensive, technical hands-on course in which attendees receive comprehensive instruction on the theory and practice of making price forecasts and assessing risk in the electricity generating industry. After discussion of electricity markets around the world, the course moves to programming and model structuring, where attendees follow the lead of the instructor in building various analyses of forward pricing and valuation issues. Exercises include: analysis of supply and demand; modelling of capacity mix and capacity level optimization; construction of time series analysis for fuel prices loads and hydro generation; project finance analysis of merchant plant investments. As the course progresses, attendees apply risk assessment, option pricing and valuation techniques in real world cases using an integrated model. In addition to building their own models, participants learn how to use fully developed models that incorporate sophisticated debt structuring, breakeven analysis, contract pricing, time series equations and Monte Carlo simulations.

London, United Kingdom Oct 14 - 17 Oct, 2013


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