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Gas Injection in Gas Condensate Reservoirs


United Arab Emirates

16 - 18 Jun, 2013  3 days

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WHO SHOULD ATTEND All engineers engaged in the oil and gas industry, in particular for those engineers involved with gas condensate reservoirs. Reservoir engineers and professionals who are familiar with reservoir engineering principles and are interested in maximizing liquid hydrocarbon recovery from gas-condensate reservoirs Engineers (production engineers, reservoir engineer and field engineer), and other staffs from an operating and/or service and/or consultant and/or engineering company involved in gas production operation process and engineering Engineers and technical personnel involving with appraisal or field development project, and/or reservoir management team intending to enhance their technical skills Engineers from an operating and/or service and/or consultant and/or engineering company requires improving their technical skills with high level of confidence to adapt appropriate technology to optimize the production performance and better reservoir management Technical, project and commercial managers, staff responsible in the production development, evaluation and field operation for gas facilities operation Sales and marketing professionals wishing to gain an understanding of Oil & Gas Suppliers or customers wanting to gain upstream or downstream knowledge

COURSE OBJECTIVES Calculate the flow gas wells in gas reservoirs Calculate hydrocarbons initially in place using several methods Assess reservoir performance with dynamic techniques Determine the parameters that impact well/reservoir performance over time Determine reservoir drive mechanisms for gas condensate reservoirs Apply gas field development planning principles The fundamentals of fluid flow in porous media How gas condensate reservoirs are characterized by fluid type and drive mechanisms Gas condensate displacement and optimizing reservoir performance The basics of enhanced gas condensate recovery How gas in place can be estimated and recovery predicted How to apply the material balance techniques How to derive the basic differential equation for radial flow in a porous medium How these properties affect fluid flow and the distribution of fluids in the reservoir How to perform basic material balance calculations for gas condensate reservoirs How reservoir drive mechanisms affect overall reservoir performance How to use fractional flow theory to calculate displacement efficiency How to measure and calculate gas properties at reservoir conditions How to calculate static pressure and condensate saturations distributions in a reservoir

CONTENT Reservoir Fluid Types; Gas and Gas Condensate; Representative fluid sample; Molar balance; EOS Fundamentals: Pen-Robinson and Soave-Redlich-Kwong ; K-value correlations; Phase Envelopes; Estimation of gas condensate reserves; Volumetric Method; Eaton and Jacobi Correlations; Original Gas Condensate in Place (OGCIP); Material Balance; Pressure Declination Method; Retrograde Gas Reservoir; Gas Cycling Process; Gas Injection in a Gas Condensate Reservoir (case study)

INTENDED FOR This short course provides a basic understanding of gas condensate reservoir and fluid properties. The dry gas injection will yield a modification of the reservoir fluid composition as well as its phase envelope. Fundaments in the estimation of original gas in place using volumetric method, correlations and material balance method.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Jun 16 - 18 Jun, 2013