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Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers


United Arab Emirates

10 - 12 Nov, 2013  3 days

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WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Petroleum Engineers Geologists, Geophysicists, Math. & Science Graduates Operations Personnel Technicians as well as recently graduated reservoir engineers

COURSE OBJECTIVES The course objectives include Developing subsurface skills for integrated analysis of rocks, pore and fluids How to solve problems associated with identifying and exploiting reserves You will understand various methods applied to predict reservoir performance and to enhance recovery Experience gained allows you to apply tools for analysis of the underlying uncertainty and assumptions used in many reservoir analysis techniques. You will understand various processes for solving reservoir engineering problems and analyses. Experienced gained allows you to predict reservoir performance and to determine recoverable reserves using different techniques. You gain sufficient knowledge about various recovery methods from primary to exotic enhanced recoveries. You will understand the role of petroleum economics in evaluating reservoir development project.

CONTENTS Exploration and its methodologies; Drilling and Well logging; Development Geology ; Reservoir Engineering System; Well Completion; The Reservoir Rock Properties; Core Analysis; Fluid Flow in Porous Media; Reservoir Fluids and Their Distribution; Fluid Properties; PVT Analysis; Phase Diagram; Fluid Distribution; Well Testing; Reserves Calculation; Material Balance Calculation; Decline Curve Analysis; Driving Mechanisms; Recovery Types; Primary Recovery; Secondary Recovery ; Fractional Flow ; Enhanced Oil Recovery; Reservoir Simulation and Management; Economics of Reservoir Development

INTENDED FOR This reservoir engineering for non-engineers training short course is useful if you want to develop a feel for hydrocarbon behaviour in the reservoir and of various recovery methods. It also provides you with specific and direct application of the process used in reservoir engineering and enhances your skills in solving reservoir engineering problems and maximizing recoverable reserves.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nov 10 - 12 Nov, 2013