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Corporate Visual Identity Management (Developing Your Corporate Visual Identity)

By: School of Media and Communication

Lagos State, Nigeria

22 - 23 Apr, 2013  2 day

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There are few arenas in the world as competitive as the business world. With so many goods and services chasing so few customers and clients, any business that wants to have continued success needs to focus a vital part of their energy on creating a visual means by which they can be recognized and distinguished from other competitors in order to attract and retain customers –Corporate Visual Identity (CVI). CVI has become a universal technique for promoting brand image by improving brand recognition. It plays a significant role in the way an organization presents itself to both internal and external stakeholders. It is a valuable corporate asset and an essential marketing tool for success in today's global marketplace as it is proven that a company that has a consistent visual identity is taken much more seriously than those that don't. Through the adoption of supporting devices commonly assembled within a set of guidelines that govern how the visual identity is applied across all physical manifestations of the brand, corporate visual identity helps to create and maintain a consistent visual identity that is extremely distinguishable and appealing to the company's target audience. For large or diversified corporations, corporate visual identity schemes are often used to create matching individual identities for their subsidiaries, or to give the various brands in the group a sense of shared identity through the integration of some similar communicable elements in their visual identity. In the same vein, relatively smaller firms also need a certain consistency in the communication of various aspects of their brand as the accumulation of the exact same visual presentation of any company eventually builds memorability, and with it, a positive recognition of the brand image. The first stage in the development of a corporate visual identity project always starts with the design of a logotype: the most representative visual element of a company. Its shapes, colours, fonts, look and feel are eventually transported to the other pieces that will constitute corporate visual identity. This means that to maintain consistency in your visual communication, the other design pieces that make up your company's corporate visual identity must be developed to match your logo. The idea of this process is that, when viewers look at any of these pieces, they immediately associate them with your brand.The final stage of the project involves strategic management. It is making sure that the appropriate visual identity is applied correctly and consistently to every piece of corporate communication so as to avoid physical distortions and deviations from the true design and character of your brand visual elements.

School of Media and Communication Pan-African University, 2, Ahmed Onibudo Street, Victoria Island Campus, Lagos Apr 22 - 23 Apr, 2013
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