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Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer

By: GLOMACS Training and Consultancy

United Arab Emirates

23 - 27 Mar, 2014  5 days

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Every process plant in the world takes in bulk raw materials and fuel from tanker ships, railroad cars, tanker trucks, or pipelines. Refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical companies, and a host of other industries, have to measure raw materials and finished products accurately, because they pay for what comes in and get paid for what goes out. Transportation companies—the ones who own the tankers, railroad cars, or pipelines—also get paid for the amount of materials they move. Companies that push oil or gas through pipelines, for example, may operate on slim margins, so they want to know exactly how much of the oil or gas transported is involved. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 trading are emerging applications, where accurate Flow Measurement is needed

Dubai, UAE Mar 23 - 27 Mar, 2014
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