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QuickBooks and SAP B1 Masterclass for Graduates and Business Owners


Lagos State, Nigeria

26 - 27 Jul, 2013  2 day

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Most business owners are very good at what they were trained to do but have very little idea about the financial side of the business. Most time they rely on their CFO, FM or Accountant which can be misled, which in turn has led to the demise of many businesses. I remember when the Chief Finance Officer of an established IT brand, who has been practicing for 15 years- having led the accounting department of eight IT firms including Microsoft Inc., was fired for omitting a business transaction in the corporate financial statements. When the case was investigated by an audit firm, they called up all the financial documents in paper form including invoices issued and other source documents used in all their business transactions. You can imagine the stress and time consumed in combing through a twelve month annual report spitted into daily transactions. At the end of the auditing processes, it was discovered that the transaction the Chief Finance Officer omitted was a prepaid income transaction. Certainly, I know you don’t want to find yourself being laid off like this. This is why QuickBooks and SAP BI has not only developed accounting software but is quick to learn and easy to use and can be used by different type of businesses All businesses need to grow and with expansion their activity becomes bigger and finances become more complex which will require the services of an Accountant. Accounting Software is design to make your working easy so that, when the business owner or manager of the business can get a clear view and understand how monies comes into the business as well as the monies going out. This is why we have expanded our training session to have everything you will need Course Available Essentials Module (2 days) for QuickBooks : If you have just been promoted into a managerial position or you have some basic knowledge about QuickBooks or you are already using QuickBooks (not compulsory), this is the perfect course for you. You will learn how to set up chart of Account, Handle Customer and Suppliers Transaction and information, how to handle your inventory and inventory management, how to Backup your company Data files and Restore, VAT setting and Budgeting with QuickBooks, how to import and Export on Excel Essential Module (2 days) for SAP B1: If you’re a manager or just been promoted into a managerial position or you are Financial Controller in your organization, this is the perfect course for you. In this workshop you will learn SAP B1 for financial Reporting, SAP B1 for Accounting, SAP B1Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for customer service representative, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for sales representatives, Manufacturing Resource Planning & production, Inventory Management.

34/36, Ikorodu Road, Between AccessBank And Diamond Bank, Jibowu Road, Lagos. Jul 26 - 27 Jul, 2013
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