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Governance of Extractive Industries (2013B)

By: United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)


21 Oct - 22 Nov, 2013  2 month, 2 day

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Extractive industries are those that are related to mineral and hydrocarbon products such as gold, phospates, diamonds, oil, gas, etc. Extractive industries remain the economic bedrock for many developing countries, generating the main, if not the sole source of fiscal revenues, foreign exchange earnings and surpluses to finance much needed socio-economic development. Yet, studies and surveys indicate that these countries have been unable to use effectively the resources from extractive industries and therefore they have shown poor economic performance in comparison with countries with similar levels of income. The quality of governance has come to be viewed as a key factor influencing the ability of countries to use revenues from their extractive industries for development. In many cases, large extractive industries even appear to have retarded economic and social development through a number of phenomena often referred to collectively as the "resource curse". This online course will discuss the basics of governance principles, and allow participants to apply these principles to the specific domain of natural resources in general and extractive industries in particular in the context of a practical exercise.

Online Oct 21 - 22 Nov, 2013

+41 22 917 8400

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