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How to Market Your Product and Service and Make Money


Lagos State, Nigeria

16 - 23 Sep, 2013  8 days

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Marketing means a lot of things to a lot of people, no matter what it means to you; please note: the definition of marketing cannot and would not be complete without a definition to include different marketing model, different marketing strategy; different marketing approaches that would help your business grow fast. If you do not understand your market, you do not have marketing model,marketing philosophy, marketing strategies and detailed marketing channel for your product and cannot make sales, customers would not give you money for your product & service......This fact is evident If you open up a newspaper, telephone yellow book, if you go search the internet, if you watch the TV….. You would agree, Most of the marketing you see is not just OK and it not bad rather it sucks, is not compelling, it is throwing money down the rat hole for the business CEO, Marketer, Manager because it does not bring sales. Despite all the effort by most of the Business Owners, Marketers, Managers in Nigeria and broad...their target customers do not buy their products and services... because a lot is wrong with their marketing.... The question for you and I ask myself is: Why does most marketing fail? Why does my marketing fail? why are you not making sale? Well the more I thought about that , then the more I found the reasons in the last 7 years of my profession as marketer. The answers are: You do not understand your market, you do not have marketing model,marketing philosophy, marketing strategies and detailed marketing channel for your products and services.. If you a Business owner, Manager, Marketer you not making sales,you not meeting up with your marketing target, You tired of complaining no sales, bad business, how do you find customer that need your product/services or you looking for customer to buy your product or pay for your services and you want to make 6 figure money from your business ? if you need help? Enroll for our next weekly Marketing and make money workshop/on the job training; you are going to explore, learn the reasons why most of your marketing is failing and how you can avoid them. When you complete our marketing and make money workshop/ training, * you are going to be able to create a marketing document of your own from scratch, * You are going to be able to design it, write a good sales copy, * You are going to know where to place the elements. * You also learn to create a marketing piece that is strong enough, generate sales and money for your business or any target market. The following marketing training and development workshop are available at Support Services de Elgiga Limited or at Lagos Atlantic Business School: * Practical Marketing basic, fundamental and advance training. * How to attract customers to buy only your product & service not from your competitor. * Learn the reason why most marketing fail and how you can avoid such marketing. * Learn how to create, design marketing document ( TV commercial advert/marketing, Print advert/marketing and Internet advert/marketing for website, blogs, social media marketing ) from the scratch that would make your intend customer give you money for your product & services without resistance to buy. * Learn how to write good sales copy, where to place the elements in the design that would grab the attention of your customer and make the customer give you money for your product and services. * Learn how to create marketing pieces that is strong enough to generate sales for any product/services and make the customer give you money for the product and services. *Learn how to get more customer to pay money for any or your product & service using tested marketing practices.

Support Services de Elgiga Limited, (Lagos Atlantic Business School), Inside De Ark, (1st Floor, Front Wing), 19 , Town Planning Way, Opposite Airtel Office, Ilupeju, Lagos. Sep 16 - 23 Sep, 2013
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