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Anti-Terrorism and Kidnapping Driving Seminar


Lagos State, Nigeria

26 - 26 Sep, 2013 

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Many have false sense of security in their vehicles, thinking they are invulnerable as they go about their daily businesses. Perhaps because, they are driving an armor-plated vehicle or they are being escorted by armed guards. However, this not true when you become the target of a threat that is determined to kill you, kidnap you, or somehow make an example of your or your family member. After all, President John F. Kennedy, German industrialist Hans-Martin Schleyer, Lt. Col. Charles Ray, Lt. Cdr. Albert Schaufelberger, Col. Nick Rowe etc. were all killed while in their vehicles, and President Ronald Reagan was just a few paces from his vehicle when he was shot and badly wounded by John Hinckley. The seminar will focus on ways to prevent attacks before they happen by way of early terrorist surveillance and intelligence gathering detection, situational awareness, panic and fear immunity etc. But if an attack does happen, you will be taught how to escape by first using your vehicle as a powerful weapon and escaping in it with your boss safely.

Sweet Sensation Center, Ikeja, Lagos Sep 26 - 26 Sep, 2013
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