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Workshop on Forensic and Investigations Accounting

By: Centre for Management Development

Lagos State, Nigeria

08 - 12 Sep, 2014  5 days

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 Financial irregularities (fraud, corruption and money laundering) are becoming the world’s greatest challenges and major hindrances to national economic developments of some countries. It is so endemic that fraud and corruption is gradually becoming a normal way of life, negatively affecting the effective operations and performance of organizations (public and private) and the overall well-being of the citizens of these countries. These practices are entrenched in corporate systems with alarming and devastating consequences. In the light of the foregoing, there is a dire need for investigation and documentation of financial fraud and white-collar crimes (embezzlement, money laundering and racketeering), investigation of allegations of fraud, estimation of losses or damages of assets and analysis of complex financial transaction. These services are required by corporations, attorneys, criminal investigators and the government interested in trailing the source, disbursement and utilization of illegal money. Hence, forensic and investigation accounting are imperative in today’s corporate world. This workshop is, therefore designed to equip participants with requisite knowledge and skills that would enable them develop an investigative eye towards discovery of fraud and provide crucial information that is meant to be used as evidence for litigation purposes. It is specifically tailored to boost their understanding of business information and financial reporting systems, evidence gathering and investigative techniques, with professional competence needed to perform the role of an expert witness in the court of law.

Programme Objectives

  • An Overview of Forensic Accounting 
  • The Roles of the Accountant in Fraud Detection and Investigation · Fraud Diamond 
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection 
  • Techniques Involved in Forensic Accounting 
  • Red Flags of Forensic Accounting 
  • White Collar Crimes and Corporate Crimes
  • Contrasting Auditing, Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination 
  • Information Technology in Forensic Accounting 
  • Fraud control and Investigation Techniques
  • The Legal Framework of Forensic Accounting in Nigeria 
  • Forensic Engagement Report

Programme Outline

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the skills needed in forensic accounting;
  • Identify the challenges of financial irregularities;
  • Adopt effective investigative techniques; and
  • Identify forensic accounting techniques to mitigate against fraud.

Delivery Method

 This programme will be delivered using the following methodologies: lectures, discussions, case studies and exercises. Audio visual aids will be used to reinforce learning methods.

Target Group

internal and external audit professionals, security investigators, fraud investigators, prosecuting lawyers, fraud litigators, controllers, CFOs, Financial accountants, risk management professionals, compliance officers, legal and credit control personnel, regulatory authority and corporate governance professionals.

CMD Training Complex, Shangisha, Lagos Sep 08 - 12 Sep, 2014
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