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Framework for State GDP Computation


Lagos State, Nigeria

15 - 19 Sep, 2014  5 days

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Good governance and effective management of national economies rest on the availability of reliable statistical information without which good policies cannot be developed from information driven planning. The more disaggregated the data the better. Government requires quality and timely statistics for effective planning at all levels and across all sectors. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the most comprehensive parameter for measuring the level of economic activity in any economy. Despite the importance of the GDP to the country, lack of capacity at state levels may jeopardize the ability to collect relevant and adequate data at the sub national level, which is supposed to be aggregated to give national estimates.

 A major consequence of this is that planning and policy making in the country will be based on inadequate and unreliable data, leading to misinformed decisions that could have far reaching consequences, both at the sub national levels and at the national level.. The workshop is designed to provide opportunities for planning, research and statistical officers at the different levels to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills for effective GDP computation.


CMD Training Complex, Shangisha, Lagos Sep 15 - 19 Sep, 2014
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