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Project Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop: Tools, Techniques and Reporting


Lagos State, Nigeria

03 - 07 Nov, 2014  5 days

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Monitoring and evaluation is a process of continued gathering of information and its analysis, in order to determine whether progress is being made towards pre-specified goals and objectives. They are closely related concepts that are distinct but complementary. Monitoring is a continuous collection of data on specified indicators to facilitate decision making on whether an intervention (project, programme or policy) is being implemented in line with the design, i.e., its activity schedules and budget, while evaluation is the periodic and systematic collection of data to assess the design, implementation and impact in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, distribution and sustainability of outcomes and impacts. While traditional project management placed monitoring and evaluation as the last step in the project cycle, contemporary project management practices have highlighted monitoring and evaluation as an important aspect which should be evident throughout the lifecycle of a project. This enables the tracking of progress towards achievement of the desired goals. Through routine tracking of project progress, monitoring can provide quantitative and qualitative data useful for designing and implementing project evaluation exercises. A well-functioning M&E system helps guide the intervention strategy and ensures effective operations for all key stakeholders. It is one part of the overall management of the project. Each stage of the project cycle requires certain key M&E tasks to be carried out by specific stakeholders. A detailed M&E plan is developed during project start-up and needs to be documented clearly and shared with those who are to implement it. The M&E system will itself need to be monitored and updated regularly during the life of the project. This workshop is designed to build and strengthen participants’ skills in monitoring and evaluating projects for national development.


CMD Training Complex, Shangisha, Lagos Nov 03 - 07 Nov, 2014
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