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Strategic Management Workshop (Planning and Implementation)


Lagos State, Nigeria

20 - 24 Oct, 2014  5 days

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Globalization and rapid changes in the Nigerian business environment impose huge challenges on organizations operating in this environment. Only recently, Nigeria for the first time in history, experienced flooding on a large scale, submerging homes, access roads, farmlands, companies and various organizations. There was massive loss of property and, in some instances, lives. Change is said to be inevitable and the only permanent thing in life. To effectively cope with change and overcome the attendant challenges, organizations must become more proactive, especially if they want to develop the capacity to achieve superior performance. Strategic management is a core requirement for success in today’s turbulent environment. While it is good to plan, as failure to plan is planning to fail, essentially, planning is not enough. Organizations should develop the capability to competently implement their strategic plans. This workshop intends to help managers develop the ability to eliminate gaps in their corporate plans by being proactive and more responsive to developments in their operating environment. It will also help them to implement plans effectively for enhanced organizational performance and results.

CMD Training Complex, Shangisha, Lagos Oct 20 - 24 Oct, 2014
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