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Expert Strategies & Negotiation Techniques in M&A Training Week

By: Euromoney Financial Training

South Africa

09 - 13 Jun, 2014  5 days

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Attend this training week programme and save over 15% on the combined price of:
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Expert Strategies (Days 1-3)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Negotiation Strategies (Days 4-5)
The overall objective of the M&A Expert Strategies, Techniques and Negotiation Skills Week is to present, over five days, a comprehensive and focused approach to all issues that must be included in the toolkit of successful deal making. The initial focus is upon understanding all of the challenges essential in masterminding the deal, from its inception, to completion of the transaction and implementation. As such, it draws heavily upon the use of the tools of corporate finance to ensure that value creating strategies are selected, and the appropriate techniques are applied, like carefully structured synergy assessment. Negotiation and related transaction issues are dealt with in the latter part of the week as a distinct element, in recognition that often the high stakes involved, combined with extreme time pressure and limited understanding of how to manage the negotiation process, may cause mistakes to happen. The focus is upon negotiating the key aspects of the transaction which impact value for both buyer and seller and on creating the right framework and strategy for enhancing value to the seller or retaining value for the buyer.
The combined courses cover M&A from the perspective of both strategic and financial buyers, making it of relevance to those developing an in-house capability to acquire; those involved in an advisory capacity, like consultants or lawyers; plus participants in privately financed deals, like buy-outs.

By attending this 5 day programme you will learn:
  • The key characteristics of successful M&A and why most mergers fail
  • M&A valuation techniques and how to recognise the games that can be played with them
  • Why is important to understand the perspectives of the different parties involved and incorporate then in M&A analysis
  • What is really meant by “synergies” and why is it important to distinguish between the different types
  • How to analyse and incorporate synergies within M&A valuation
  • How to use due diligence to its best advantage and the importance of commercial due diligence
  • Why understanding financing options is important and what they are
  • What are the options for structuring deals
  • What are the essential features of leveraged buyouts and how to structure them
  • What is different about the strategic buyer and the private equity perspective
  • Why is negotiation strategy important and how to develop it
  • What are the negotiation challenges within the M&A process and how they can best be managed
  • Each of the modules are individually bookable.
Johannesburg, South Africa Jun 09 - 13 Jun, 2014
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