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Mergers and Acquisitions: Expert Strategies

By: Euromoney Financial Training

State, Nigeria

09 - 11 Jun, 2014  3 days

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The credit crisis had a significant impact on M&A and since the end of 2008 the environment has been bleak. However, there are signs of recovery, and the next few years will present considerable opportunities for ambitious and disciplined acquirers. The US market is looking far more robust and the signals of a recovery in the M&A market are coming from beyond the realms of Asian acquirers, who have less affected by the credit crisis than their counterparts in Europe and the United States. For example, mid February 2013 it was reported by Dealogic that so far, $219 billion worth of deals had been announced, more than double the level over the same time in 2012. The value of deals was also slightly above the same period in 2007, and that turned into a record year, with the value of deals reaching $1.6 trillion.
The challenge in the new wave of M&A activity will be how to ensure that the prospective deals are identified and driven to completion so as to ensure that the maximum of value is derived. Timing is of the essence and having the necessary skills to acquire at a value creating price is essential.

So what is included in developing expert techniques and strategies in M&A? The following provides a good indication:

  • How to develop a good M&A strategy
  • How to challenge value – key perspectives using financial model
  • How to avoid overestimating synergies
  • How to influence price – from value and from negotiation
  • How to use the tools of corporate finance to identify a ‘deal breaker’ – paying too much
  • How to communicate to drive value
  • How to structure a deal
  • How to select from funding options
  • How to avoid non-financial issues – culture
  • How to avoid being unprepared for implementation– project management
Specifically you will learn:
  • The key characteristics of successful M&A
  • M&A valuation techniques, their uses and abuses
  • What is really meant by “synergies” and why is it important to distinguish between the different types
  • How to analyse and incorporate synergies within M&A valuation
  • What are the key features of due diligence and the importance of commercial due diligence
  • Divestment as an important part of the M$A toolkit. When should a company divest and what are the alternative ways of divesting a business
  • What are the essential features of leveraged buyouts and how to structure them?
  • What is different about the strategic buyer and the private equity perspective?
  • Why is important to understand the perspectives of the different parties involved?
  • Why do deals that had all of the hallmarks of success fail
  • Why is negotiation strategy important and what does a good one look like
  • Why is financing important and what are the options for structuring deals?
Johannesburg, South Africa Jun 09 - 11 Jun, 2014
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