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PPP/PFI Project Finance and Infrastructure

By: Euromoney Financial Training

South Africa

23 - 25 Jun, 2014  3 days

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A three day workshop to provide participants with an enhanced understanding of financing and structuring of infrastructure transactions
Attend this 3 day training course and you will learn:

What are the investment options for Government?:

  • Fund developments using the Government budget
  • Use private (equity & debt) capital, e.g. PPP
  • Privatise existing state public service utilities
  • What are the benefits (& dis-benefits) of using these options as a procurement mechanism?
  • How successful has privatisation been in delivering investments?
  • What are the funding options for power, infrastructure and PPP projects? How much debt? How much equity? Why?
  • Who are the key investors in such projects? Why?
  • What do investors seek, & what are their expectations and limits?
  • What do bank lenders require, & what constraints do they impose?
  • How best to attract capital markets (e.g. pension funds, life insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds) to such investments.
  • Which funding options best match specific project opportunities, & why?
  • What is the best recipe for success? Why have some projects failed? What have been the problems? Could they have been spotted earlier?
  • What has been the international experience across sectors?
  • How can failure be avoided? What steps should be taken in project preparation? How can political risk be mitigated?
  • What clauses are key in the underlying project documents to ensure success?
  • What role should Government take? Should they be a shareholder? What remedies are there when projects fail, or are faced with changing circumstances?
Who should attend?
  • All professionals involved in infrastructure finance from across government and government agencies, project sponsors, contractors, financial institutions including multilaterals and export credit agencies, as well as consulting and advisory firms.
  • Head of Project Finance
  • Head of Corporate Finance
  • Head of Structured Finance
  • Treasurer
  • Project Manager
  • Accountant
  • Analyst
  • Sales Manager
Johannesburg, South Africa Jun 23 - 25 Jun, 2014
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