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Online Certificate Course on Effective Grant Proposal Writing - 2014 Edition

By: Human Rights and Justice Group International

Lagos State, Nigeria

08 May - 20 Jun, 2014  2 month, 13 days

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The course provides an understanding of and practice in grant proposal writing for non-profits, foundations, and government agencies. Our online structured proposal writing course will show you how to write a proposal that gets funded. These distance learning course will teach you to prepare grants proposal effectively and find the best funding sources for your projects and non-profit. The course is designed for both novice and experienced grantseekers, it is a comprehensive, hands-on training that covers researching funding sources and writing award winning proposals. Other topics covered include: defining objectives, researching and getting to know the donor; how to prepare a logical framework analysis (LFA); preparing budgets; and how to follow up with the donor. Further, the course will teach you how to use a standard proposal writing format, the most widely used in the world. During the course participants will search out funding sources and you will develop a proposal for your own organization or agency. Participants will leave this course with new skills and the ability to apply those skills to the needs of their own organization and community. Objective: By the end of this course, participants will be able to describe and understand the basic guidelines for grant proposal writing success, why proposals are rejected, and the phases of grant proposal writing, which include planning, writing, and submitting a proposal. Benefits: Participants will be able to write effective proposals that stand a strong chance of receiving a positive response from funder's. Participants will also be introduced to specialized agencies concerned with bridging the gap between funder's and grantees. Course Structure: The course is divided into seven learning modules. The syllabus identifies each modular instructional objectives, study activities and assignments. Course Learning Modules: Pre – Training - Introductory Course in the Online Training System (Free) - Course navigation and guide - Explanation of course resources Module 1: Introduction to Proposal Writing - Introduction - What is grant proposal? - The importance of proposal - The satisfaction of proposal - The challenges of competition - Persuasion - Assignment - General Discussion & Course Review Module 2: The Request for Proposal (RFP) - Introduction - Definition of RFP - How to get request for proposal - The request for proposal - The game of proposal writing - The standardized approach - Using proposal decision form for follow-up - Assignment - General Discussion & Course Review Module 3: The Standard Guideline for Writing a Proposal The six (6) point guideline for writing proposals - Establish technical credibility - Use a client-centered approach - Get the price right - Write simply - Add unique selling points - Go the extra mile - Assignment - General Discussion & Course Review Module 4: The Grant Proposal Writing Phase The elements of a proposal -Cover letter -Cover/title page -Proprietary notice -Introduction -Technical approach -Project team -Relevant experience -Project budget -Schedule/time table -Certifications -Evaluation criteria -Appendixes -Assignment -General Discussion & Course Review Module 5: Solicited and Unsolicited Proposals The “formal” unsolicited proposal The main rules -Grab the attention -Sell the need for your idea -Be brief -Identify and neutralize negatives -Use all relevant persuasion principles -Build common grounds -Do not attack existing beliefs -Assignment -General Discussion & Course Review Module 6: Packaging and Submitting the Proposal -Introduction -Summary table -Writing the project summary and cover letter -Packaging the proposal -Submission, traditional and online -Assignment -General Discussion & Course Review Module 7: Conclusion and Final Examination -Final Examination -Participants Evaluation of Course/Feedback Course Expected Outcome: At the end of the course participants should: • Understand and know how to read the guidelines for Applicants: what are the essentials? • Know and understand what it takes to develop a successful grant proposal – concept note and full Application Form. • Know how to present in a structured and competitive manner. • Have practiced to develop specific parts of the grant proposal. • Have practiced to develop an activity based budget. • Become familiar with grant writing terms, potential sources of grants, and grant information. Recommended Text: a) Granting Writing 101: Everything you need to start raising funds today. By Victoria M. Johnson (Dec. 14, 2010). b) Practical Grant Writing and Program Evaluation. By Francis K.O. Yuen Kenneth L. Terao (June 14, 2002). c) Getting Funded: The complete guide to writing grant proposal. By Mary S. Hall and Susan Howlett (July 2003). Course Requirements: This is an online course, so you’ll need to have a computer with an internet connection, and you’ll need a web-browser (you can use IE or Firefox). All the course materials you’ll need to complete this course are provided in the course modules. You will not need to purchase any additional materials, resources, or books. You will also have the opportunity of experiencing the best online training platform. Additional Features: • Online, interactive, self-paced and self-learning modules. • Assignments to test your knowledge and understanding before and after the course with. • Opportunity to post comments, assignment answers, live chat etc. Target Audience: This course is aimed at staff of non-profit organizations, government officials, researchers, consultants and knowledge workers in universities, institutes, government agencies, and corporate organizations, lecturers, marketers, customer relation managers, human resources managers, business policy planners, and students who want to learn how to write effective grant proposals. Cost: The course tuition fee is US$300. Course fees include access to all course materials, expert support, assignments as well as postage and packaging of a certificate. There is a limited amount of partial scholarships available for applicants from developing countries, based on financial need.

Online [web-based] Application Procedure: The deadline for application is 5th May 2014, while full tuition payment is due on or before 7th May 2014 (Note. It is your payment that guarantees your spac May 08 - 20 Jun, 2014