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Transformational Leadership & Change Management

By: Salvo Global Pte Ltd

Lagos State, Nigeria

02 - 04 Jun, 2014  3 days

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Salvo Global introduces the 3-Day Transformational Leadership & Change Management Master-class. There are major changes in paradigms and practices for leaders to be able to respond effectively to today’s tactical challenges. As organisations continue to reinvent themselves and adjust their operations to market conditions, Transformational Leadership and Change Management has re-emerged among the top pressing business issues in Africa and globally because of its direct effect on an organisation’s ability to compete successfully in a sustainable way. Leadership is all about influencing others to get results. Transformational leadership is about influencing others to get results, oversee dramatic change inside and outside organizations, and build bench strength. Change management is about managing organizational change with people. This workshop examines the role, competencies and behaviors of the transformational leader in managing change. Who is a transformational leader? What do transformational leaders do? How do transformational leaders behave? What are the ethics and values of transformational leaders? When are transformational leaders needed, and are there different types or categories of transformational leaders? How are managers changed into transformational leaders? What models can guide change management, and how are those models used? This Workshop addresses these critical questions and related questions. Course Objectives: 1. Examine why transformational leadership and change management are essential to managers (and often even workers) today 2. Review models of change management and examines when and how they are used 3. 3 4. Describe the characteristics/skills associated with transformational leadership and change management 5. Define such terms as manager, leader, transformational leader and change management 6. Summarize how ethics and values relate to transformational leadership and change management 7. Review categories of change, change management and transformational leadership and when each is appropriate to use 8. Describe how to transform managers into transformational leaders Trainer Profile As a consultant, the trainer has worked with over 50 multinational corporations and consulted on Succession Planning and Management with a wide array of organizations in business, government and non-profit settings both in the U.S.A. and internationally. These companies include: Ford Motor Company, US Postal Service, Bank Negara Malaysia, Motorola University, Citigroup, Airport Transport Authority of Bangkok, Sri Lanka Telecom, Information Ministry of Republic of China, DST Group, Sony, Excelcomindo, Anglo Platinum, Hewlett-Packard University, Civil Service College etc.

TBA Jun 02 - 04 Jun, 2014
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