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Advanced Operations Management for effectively delivery

By: Remoik Nigeria Limited

Lagos State, Nigeria

19 - 21 May, 2014  3 days

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It has now been established without any doubt whatsoever that lean operations and efficient logistics systems lead directly to increased bottom line profits.
As more and more responsibility is placed on the corporate business functions, the need has intensified for its practitioners to be highly skilled in the various elements of the Business Chain Management and to be completely up to date with best practices in the industry both national and international. Management Leaders must take their place alongside Business Developers and accountants as proficient and exceptionally well-trained Operations professionals.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify and articulate how operations management contributes to the achievement of an organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Critically evaluate the operations function in manufacturing and service production settings.
  • Appraise and apply forecasting methods as the basis of management’s planning and control activity.
  • Assess and formulate decision making strategies to address operating issues that have short, intermediate or long lead times.
  • Evaluate approaches to problem solving and process improvement in production settings.
  • Synthesize the depth and breadth of knowledge, knowledge of methodologies, application of knowledge, and communication skills according to the degree level competencies established by top management
Key Learning Points
  • Introduction to the Operations Chain Management
  • The Operations Chain Management perspective
  • How the process works for both Product and Service sectors 
  • The role of the Operations Manager in the Supply and Demand Chain
  • Types of Operations and structures
  • Being customer focused in the Operations chain
  • Developing and improving the Operations Chain strategy
  • Actual process of the Business Chain
  • Major functions of the Supply Chain
  • The Supply Chain Structure
  • Business Chain and Client Demand Chain
  • Operations Chain underlying Principles- the 4Cs
  • Client Management
  • The Bullwhip Phenomenon
  • Introduction to Strategic Operations Management
  • What Operations is.
  • Achieving results via the operations design
  • Creating business operations Advantage
  • The strategic scope of Business Operations 
  • Integrated Operations Management System (IOMS)
  • Analysing the factors affecting Operations 
Who Should Attend?
  • Newly appointed as well as experienced supervisors 
  • Operations managers, Transportation Manager, Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Engineers, Project Managers, Procurement and Purchasing Managers
  • Materials Controllers, Supply Chain Managers, Construction Manager
  • Production Planning, Human Resources, Customer Services, Logistics Manager
  • Office Administrative Manager and other management personnel 
  • Store and shipping supervisors 
  • Managers, supervisors, and data processing personnel interested in increasing the efficiency of warehouse layouts, systems, and operations
Training Methodology
  • Lectures 
  • Discussions 
  • Individual and group exercises 
  • Case studies 
  • Activities 
  • Post- Course Assessments 
  • Pre-Course Assessments 
  • Games and educational competitions 
  • Professional videos & Audio presentations 
70B, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos. May 19 - 21 May, 2014
NGN100,000.00 Course fees include the certificate of Achievement in this field of expertise, breakfast & Lunch and course materials and writing accessories.
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