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Finance For Non Financial Managers

By: BSS Management Consultancy

United Kingdom

06 - 05 May, 2015  12 months, 30 days

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Gain immediate access to our online training course in which a tutor that is qualified in the subject teaches the subject matter in a fun and interesting manner.You will be sent access to your handout via email including a an e-workbook . You will be able to access the course within two business days after payment is cleared and you can attend all future live webinar on this subject, which we organise from time to time during the course of the year. In order to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the course, we offer you access to our tutors, who you will ask questions about the course contents and you can do so in our community forum or simply by sending us an email. After you have completed the course, you will be able to obtain our corporate certificate of completion that you can show your employer or professional body as evidence of your CPD. To gain our certificate you must complete the assignments relating to the coursework (refer to your e- workbook) and send them to us via email clearly stating the name of the course on the subject line. We want to ensure that only participants that complete the course assignments are awarded with our corporate certification.
Contents :
Understanding the financial impact of every transaction undertaken in a business is the key focus of this workshop. A good manager is one who understands how to sell a lot of products or services but selling a lot of products or services does not make the manager an excellent one.
Sales is a gift to a customer until it is translated into cash. It is with this in mind a manager must understand the impact of sales in the profit and loss account (profitability measurement), cashflow statements ( liquidity measurement) and balance sheet (net worth measurement).
This course is targeted at non-financial experts with responsibility to manage and control financial resources in their organisation. This course aims at providing participants with finance fundamentals that will help them come to grips with sound financial discipline for business success.
The course will cover topics such as:
  • The definition of profit and loss accounts; why and how they are put together
  • The definition of balance sheet; why and how they are put together
  • The definition of cash flow statement; why and how they are put together
  • Finance jargons and how to make sense of financial statements for effective decision making
  • Effective financial controls required for robust safeguards over assets of an organisation
  • How to interpret and evaluate the performance of a business using financial ratios
  • Strategies for identifying financial leakages and maximising cash flow in your business- introduction to effective credit control system
  • Brief introduction to financial costings and budget
  • Post practice sessions, feedback and evaluation after the tutor session.
We also offer online courses in budgeting skills, marketing skills, starting an online business, business planning, tendering for public sector contracts, microsoft excel. Do contact us for more information about our course programme.
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We work in partnership with HRD Group Limited, ‘an approved Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Centre’, to offer students who wish to have recognised accredited certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management to do so.

Students who wish to take advantage of this opportunity should contact us for more information on how to register for their ILM course through our partner HRD Group Limited.
Online May 06 - 05 May, 2015

0845 226 4315

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