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Strategy to Implementation: Developing Winning Strategy in Competitive Business Environment

By: SPC Patterns Consulting

United States of America (USA)

25 - 30 Aug, 2014  6 days

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Why do companies need to develop winning strategies that is implemented 100%?

As the global economy goes through this process of resurgence and European economies continue to be burdened with high levels of debt, one thing has become obvious: economies and, by extension, companies are more interconnected than ever before. While firms remain flush with cash and appear to have weathered the worst of the recession, reluctance to invest remains high. Issues such as ongoing uncertainty in the global economy, particularly Europe; inactivity among policy makers; growth in many African countries, particularly among the ECOWAS members; and huge gaps in economic wealth within societies have all resulted in an environment of high uncertainty for businesses. So, the cycle continues and businesses face an uncertain future.

Every strategy is a work in progress that is subject to revision in light of ongoing interactions between the organization and its shifting environment. The ability to create and design successful strategies is also affected by the cognitive maps of those designing and implementing the strategy. This is a hands-on programme that provides managers with a practical framework for successfully executing strategy in today's fast changing and competitive world.

Background to the Problem

Why do Strategies fail?

Although numerous studies acknowledge that strategies frequently fail not because of inadequate strategy formulation, but because of insufficient implementation, strategy implementation has received less research attention than strategy formulation. This programme examines how some of the world's most successful companies effectively implement their strategic plans. Delegates are engaged with the latest tools and techniques to effectively develop and execute strategy against a backdrop of market competitiveness and changeability. Delegates will review the factors that enable or impede effective strategy implementation, and survey the state-of-the-art in this domain. We will also climax how strategy implementation has been researched so far through cases and discussions –and in which contexts –and how this field may be moved forward through simulation exercises.


Implementation factors, implementation phases, strategy communication, strategy implementation, strategy execution, strategic management.

Learning Benefits and Expected Outcome of the Courses

By the end of this program, it is our expectation that participants will be able to: demonstrate their analytical capabilities using their critical-thinking skills. Understand the basic and practical aspects of strategy. Apply the analytical techniques developed to conduct strategic analyses. Recognize that all decisions within the firm have bottom-line implications. Have well-developed team-working skills. Examine corporate issues from a more strategic perspective, and critically evaluate strategic decisions. Recognize the challenges faced by firms in designing and implementing strategies. Understand how firms deal with the complexities of a dynamic and highly complex environment. Appreciate the role that unintended consequences can have on strategic outcomes provide effective solutions for strategic problems confronted by firms.

Course Methodology

Open Training:

  • These courses are taught face-to-face by our highly qualified and experienced educators in a comfortable, well equipped classroom
  • Comprehensive, high quality course notes are available for learners to take away
  • For many people, taking time out of a regular office environment for these short course will let them concentrate and maximize the benefits
  • Participants will also be assessed individually and course tailored to organization
  • Within the classroom, learners from different businesses and backgrounds can enjoy a networking   opportunity.
  • Break into syndicate sessions

Course Structure

  • 3 days general workshop
  • 1 day syndicate sessions
  • 1 day field trip, presentation and certificate & award distribution

Who Is The Program For?

This programme is designed for professionals looking to develop innovative strategies to drive their organisation and industry forward. It is expected that this program will be of immense benefit to members of the Board, Management Executives, Directors, Senior Managers, and Project Directors/Managers, Mid- Level Managers, Team Leaders, and similar level staff, working with both government and private sector.

Course Learning Content

Corporate Culture and Strategic Leadership: Key to Good Strategy Execution

- Simulation Exercise & Video

Strategic Leadership

- Case Analysis and Simulation Exercise

Building Organizational Capabilities

- Simulation Exercise and Discussion

Creating a Competitive Advantage

- Case Analysis, Video and Discussion

Sustaining Superior Performance

- Simulation Exercise and Case Analysis

Developing a Regional Strategy

- Video and Discussion

Building new market capabilities

Entering and dominating markets

Closing the gap between strategy and execution

Award and Certificates

Upon successful completion of this course, certificates and award will be given to all participants by Cumberland County College Vineland New Jersey in partnership with SOA Financials Bowie Maryland and SPC Patterns Consulting Lagos Nigeria.

Cumberland County College New Jersey USA Cumberland County College was the first community college in New Jersey USA to open its own campus in October 1966. Today, the college is dedicated to preparing students and community members for success in the ever- changing global environment. Enrolling more than 4,000 students each academic year, Cumberland County College is fully accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. More than 250,000 students have graduated from CCC since it opened. CCC offers more than 90 career, professional and transfer programs of study. Degree and certificate programs are offered in the fields of Communications, Accounting, American Studies, Business, Education, Public Administration, Social Service, Agriculture/Horticulture, Computer Science, Engineering, Engineering Technology, Mathematics/Science, Office Administration and Technical Studies.

College Drive Vineland NJ, 08362-1500 USA. Aug 25 - 30 Aug, 2014
Option A $5,500 (Five Thousand Five Hundred Dollars Only), Accommodation (****) Logistics (Hotel – Training Center) Feeding (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - Buffet) Case Analysis CD Videos Simulation Soft
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