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Capacity Building: Integrated Executive Leadership & Performance Management Programme Understand Prepare for Navigate Organizational Lifecycle

By: SPC Patterns Consulting

United Kingdom

14 - 19 Sep, 2014  6 days

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Why Capacity Building Management Program?

A wise man once said that there is no individual who does not have opportunity, what we have are individuals who are not prepared for their opportunities. I believe this principle also applies to organizations. Some organizations aspire to be among the top companies in their respective industries without considering or preparing for the level of demands and changes their processes, people, product and promotion will have to undertake to attain and retain that spot.

This implies that for individuals and companies to fully maximise their opportunities, they must build a capacity that is proportional to the opportunities they aspire to in order to attain and sustain their competitive advantages. More so, this capacity building drive must be an organization wide effort. This short course focuses on emerging and current issues in capacity building. Content of this course provides modern analytical strategies on enduring successful strategic practices. The course is intended to provide the participants with pragmatic approaches that will guide the formulation and implementation of corporate, business and functional strategies. This course challenges Organisations to look and rise beyond wishful thinking as regards being an industry leader and paying lip service to practical capacity building initiatives.

Background of the Problem

It is common knowledge that the rate of change in businesses globally is so intense such that it puts pressure on organization's processes, people and resources thereby driving them to explore various existing strategies. However, leading companies often embrace the law of long term perspective, this says, the most successful people in any society are those who take the longest time period into consideration when making their day-to-day decisions. Most organizations today do not have succession planning in place for example, nor a proven system put in place to ensure that leaders transfer their knowledge, philosophies, competences to their subordinates. Hence, most leaders end up hiring the wrong people in desperation, delegate too little, micro-manage people because of their fear of being disappointed or losing control and the list goes on. The implication of this deficiencies in the next century is grave. This is because without the ability to build capacity, sustain the process and ensure the effective utilization of what has been built, organizations may not be able to achieve the desired integration into the global system in the next century.

Key Learning Objectives of the Programme

The one week course stands as an important step forward in helping managers and your organization to acquire expertise in: · implementing institutional and policy reforms; · strengthening institutional governance and accountability; · formulating capacity building plans that will guide an organization for the next five years; · how to develop and administer partnerships among institutions; · ability to apply the techniques of creative leadership. Therefore, this expertise will enable you and your organization to become more efficient, responsive to clients, commercially astute and financially solvent.

Benefits Of Capacity Building

The benefits of attending this program cannot be over emphasized, some of these are:
Participant  Benefits

Each participant will return to work having learned new tools, ideas and frameworks that will enable them:

  • Develop a better understanding of corporate strategy and understand how key areas of responsibility fit into the overall strategy of an organization.
  • Capitalize on the best market opportunities and develop plans to implement market strategies
  • Gain a better understanding of organizational processes, particularly those that create and enhance corporate value.
  • Manage teams effectively and align management practices to increase organizational      effectiveness.
  • Become an operating manager capable of communicating effectively in a team environment.
  • Develop frameworks for problem-solving that allow you to make cross-enterprise decisions more quickly and with greater confidence.
  • Test and apply the knowledge you gain to real business cases
  • Exchange insights with other managers from a variety of industries and backgrounds who deal with similar business issues.
  • Broaden your network by establishing enduring contacts and develop value-adding friendships.

Course Methodology

Open Training:

  • Case studies and role play
  • The modules are taught face-to-face by our highly qualified and experienced educators in a comfortable, well equipped classroom
  • Comprehensive, high quality course notes are available for learners to take away
  • For many people, taking time out of a regular office environment will let them concentrate and maximize the benefits
  • High level interactive and participants-led training
  • Class presentations from students
  • Participants will also be assessed individually and tailor solutions to organization
  • Within the classroom, learners from different businesses and backgrounds can enjoy a networking opportunity.
  • Break into syndicate sessions

Course Structure

  • 3 days intensive general workshop
  • 1 day syndicate sessions
  • 1 day field trip, presentation of certificate & award distribution


  • Become an alumni of the Institution
  • Special arrival and cocktail dinner
  • City tour
  • Business Networking Opportunities
  • Certificate of Achievement

Course Learning Content

The course is organized on a workshop basis in which you can share your understanding of the delivered contents and discuss alternative methodologies to deal with them. Upon completion of the programme, delegates would have acquired immense knowledge and develop applicable skills in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning and service development
  • Executing strategy for results
  • Innovation & strategy development
  • Financial and non-financial performance measurement and
  • Organizing staff and team development
  • Policy development and review
  • Conflict management
  • Establishing an organizational attitude
  • Commercial Dialogues
  • Analyzing internal & external environment: resources and competences
  • Strategies collaborations/networks 

Target Audiences Identified?

  •  CEOs
  •  Board Members
  •  Business Owners Directors in Public and Private enterprise
  • Executive Directors
  • Senior Managers
  •  Middle level managers
  •  Heads of department

Award and Certificates

Upon successful completion of this course, certificates and awards will be given to all participants by Oxford International Study Centre Oxford UK in partnership with SPC Patterns Consulting Lagos Nigeria. About Oxford Oxford is a world renowned University City, with its origins dating back over eight hundred years. The Colleges of the University, with their beautiful architecture dating from medieval times in many cases, provide a spectacular and inspiring backdrop for educational, business and cultural programmes for visitors and students from all over the world. Oxford is also a thriving modern city, home to some of the newest developments in business and research. It is also an important cultural centre, with many art galleries, theatres, films and musical performances. It is very cosmopolitan, welcoming people from all over the world for education, business or cultural visits.

University of Oxford, 7,St Aldates Oxford OX1 1BS United Kingdom Sep 14 - 19 Sep, 2014
Option A GBP3, 000 (Three Thousand Pound Sterling Only. This fee covers, Training Kits, Expert Tuition, S o u v e n i r s, V i s a invitation letter, Accommodation(****), Edu-Tourism, Award & Cer
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