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Strengthening Public Sector Accounting



03 - 07 Nov, 2014  5 days

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The global financial crisis and associated financial safeguards implemented across all business sectors have seen even greater pressures exerted on public budgets with governments and public sector entities encountering growing pressure to provide high-quality, transparent financial statements, clear and decisive financial management approaches and enhanced operational allocation and performance measures related to public funds.

IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards) provides a sounds basis for public entities to demonstrate sound accrual accounting and budgeting techniques. With its emphasis on performance-based management as a core competency, it requires entities to adopt a fresh and innovative approach to developing new skill sets.

This course offers a comprehensive understanding of the essential elements of IPSAS. It begins by building on the foundations laid by the IASB’s mainstream IFRS standards and then looks at these concepts within the framework of the public entity established by IFAC and the IPSASB. The course develops key skills competencies through the application of sound theoretical content within a practical, real-life inspired case-study based environment.

Attend this comprehensive 5–day training course and in order to:

  • Understand the Global Trends for public sector accountability and reporting
  • Gain practical knowledge of the Transition Challenges and approaches in moving to internationally accepted reporting norms such as IPSAS
  • Apply IPSAS standards to ensure Improved Accountability
  • Achieve Greater Transparency within your entity
  • Achieve Greater Harmony within the entity’s reporting and financial statements as a way to encourage and enhance organisational goal congruence
  • Plus: Practical case studies and exercises for participants to gain a working knowledge of how to apply and implement both cash and accrual based IPSAS and the challenges entities face in adopting IPSAS and how those challenges are overcome.

Who should attend? 

This course has been specifically designed for the benefit of:

  • Organisations seeking improved credibility in the international arena with improving fiscal transparency and accountability
  • Governments and public sector entities that are currently implementing or considering implementing IPSAS as a basis for accounting
  • Organisations wishing to gain an overview of IPSAS and understand what implications adopting these standards may have on their organisation
  • Financial professionals operating within the finance departments of public entities


4-5 Star Hotel in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Nov 03 - 07 Nov, 2014

+852 2520 1481

The Course Director is an expert facilitator specializing in IPSAS, IFRS and US GAAP delivered globally. He has a long track record of delivering tailor-made training solutions around the work with over 20 years of experience spanning the Big 4 accounting firms as well as private and public entities. He provides a blend of technical and practical experience as he himself offers such a skill set combination. Around the world from fundamental to advanced stages, he has delivered workshops in most countries and across a wide range of cultures. He was an expert consultant to NATO in IPSAS implementation, and over three years, he delivered 200 training days to the majority of NATO finance staff, developed key sections of the IPSAS NATO specific accounting manual, and served as a technical advisor on NATO implementation issues. He is the lead facilitator for the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales) in their capacity building projects for professional accountancy organizations and financial regulators. Prior to his training career, he was an auditor initially with Deloitte and then Ernst and Young. His creativity and ability to conceptualize solutions to complex scenarios will play a pivotal role in the effective design of the content required to a program to exceed your expectations.