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School of Pensions & Retirement Planning

By: Euromoney Financial Training


18 - 22 Aug, 2014  5 days

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"Impressive course, detailed and well arranged course material. Eloquent and very articulate course instructor"
Trustee, Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund
Course Overview

Falling interest rates and stagnant stockmarkets are having a dramatic impact on pension schemes’ ability to fund future liabilities. The sovereign debt and global economic crises have resulted in major shortfalls in pension and retirement schemes, placing a huge amount of pressure on corporate and Government balance sheets. Several countries have a significant share of savings earmarked for retirement either through private individual savings plans or via Government pension funds. But despite rising savings rates, numerous gaps exist in private and public retirement plans and finances.
Furthermore, ageing populations in many countries are creating a significant pension burden that will require innovative and radical asset/liability management strategies for years to come.

Why the School of Pensions & Retirement Planning?

Ensuring sufficient resources for retirement encompasses a complex set of decisions involving assumptions on asset returns, interest rates, inflation rates, longevity and future salary growth.

With inflation potentially rising in many economies, pension funds are increasingly looking to invest in real assets like infrastructure and real estate to hedge against the threat of rising prices. This negative backdrop is being played out against an environment where the corporate governance responsibilities of institutional investors and pension funds is being questioned and challenged.

This comprehensive programme addresses many of the current pension issues from both the asset and liability perspectives to give the delegate a holistic appreciation of the complex issues involved.

Course Focus
The purpose of this comprehensive course is to help delegates understand the complex world of Pension Investment Strategy with specific reference to:

  • Understanding the global pensions crisis
  • The challenge to the cult of the equity
  • The role and purpose of pension funds
  • The different types of pension scheme
  • Measuring and modelling a pension liability
  • Impact of liabilities on investment strategy
  • Pension funding policies
  • Asset/Liability management tools
  • Pension fund investment strategies
  • Dynamic approaches
  • Benchmark timing and tactical asset allocation
  • Actuarial calculations and assumptions
  • The annuity market
  • Pension risk management, pension reporting and governance

Who should attend?
The London School of Pensions has been designed to meet the needs of the following participants:

  • Pension scheme administrators
  • Pension accounting staff
  • Pension reporting staff
  • Pension investment consultants
  • Pension fund managers
  • Trustees
  • Finance staff
  • Actuarial staff
  • Asset/Liability consultants
  • DC scheme designers
  • Pension product developers
  • Asset allocators/investment strategists
  • Insurance company staff
  • Regulators
  • Pension governance specialists
  • Pension risk specialists


Gaborone Hotel, Gaborone, Botswana Aug 18 - 22 Aug, 2014

+44 (0)207 779 8543

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