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Alternative Banking Channels


South Africa

15 - 17 Dec, 2014  3 days

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The explosion of mobile-based banking in Africa and Asia has led banks globally to reconsider whether the traditional brick and mortar setup for a bank is still ideal in every market circumstance. At the same time, the expansion of telecoms into the mobile payments space has called into question how profitable mobile banking and other alternative channels where banks lag in distribution can be. This course addresses how participants can explore, develop, profit from and risk manage alternative banking channels, including: mobile banking, ATMs, Agency banking and e-banking. Starting with traditional brick and mortar branches, we explore the pros and cons of alternative channels as well as the strategy’s compatibility with the bank’s product mix, marketplace and market position. Much of our discussions centers on how to ensure that risks are managed appropriately within the alternative channels and that an internal risk framework is established to ensure strategic and operational risks have been assessed and incorporated.

In this 3 day course participants will learn:

  • The cost-benefit analysis of the various alternative banking channels, including:

-Agency banking
-Mobile banking
-E-banking (internet banking)
-ATM banking
-Traditional branching

  • Major challenges and issues in implementing alternative channels
  • Various product offerings that have been successful or unsuccessful in these channels
  • How to research the market for the viability of the various channels
  • How to match products with demand and customer base
  • How to organize internal management and risk management support for alternative channels
  • How to develop management and risk management policies and frameworks for supporting alternative channels
  • How to choose the right systems architecture for supporting alternative banking channels

This course is intended for:

  • Banking executives, managers and operational personnel
  • Bank risk managers and heads of risk
  • IT and Information Systems personnel
  • Auditors
  • Regulators
  • Consultants
Johannesburg Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa Dec 15 - 17 Dec, 2014

+852 2520 1481

The course instructor is an experienced executive, Chief Risk Officer (CRO), board member and consultant. He is the founder and CEO of a consulting firm that conducts investment due diligence of corporates and banks, specialising in emerging and frontier markets. He is a sought after speaker on risk oversight, strategy and corporate governance but has also trained numerous management teams in predictive analytics, market intelligence acquisition and internal model development for Basel II & Basel III purposes.