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Effective Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills

By: Pavis Ventures (M) Sdn Bhd

South Africa

13 - 19 Oct, 2014  7 days

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This is an interactive course which explores a range of strategies, techniques and steps involved in the process of successful conflict management and negotiation. Amongst others, self-management, comprehensive preparation, systemic analysis and reflection and best alternatives are taught as ways to engage in negotiation and to defuse conflict. Participants will have the opportunity to freely exchange ideas, knowledge and experience with fellow participants and resource person. This will be achieved through discussion and case study, presentation and role play.

The modules to be covered in this training are as follows:

  1. Understanding Conflict in the context of Organisations
  2. Conflict and Organisational Politics
  3. Personal & Organisational factors which give rise to conflict (Rollinson)
  4. Positive & Negative functions of Conflict (Mintzberg)
  5. Alternative Philosophies of Conflict – Unitarist, Pluralist & Radical
  6. The Nature & Causes of Organisational Conflict - related to your environment
  7. Conflict & Culture (Linstead)
  8. The Ethics of Political Behaviour (Rollinson)
  9. The Conflict Process, 5 stages including Conflict Management (Robbins)
  10. ‘Negotiate – The Art of Winning’ (Mills)
  11. RESPECT –

The seven step process to agreement:

  • Readying yourself.
  • Exploring each other’s needs
  • Signalling for movement
  • Probing with proposals
  • Exchanging concessions
  • Closing the deal
  • Tying up loose ends.

12. Practical negotiation activities utilizing ideas from the seven step process 13. Evaluation of individual and team negotiation processes and results.


Radisson Blu, Johannesburg, South Africa Oct 13 - 19 Oct, 2014
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