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Advanced Investigation Techniques


United Arab Emirates

02 - 06 Feb, 2015  5 days

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This course delivers additional investigation skills to practitioners and focuses on advanced evidence gathering techniques, proactive investigation skills, computer crime, forensic opportunities and investigative interviewing.

Who Should Attend?

 Seasoned members of law enforcement agencies, auditors, forensic accountants, financial investigators and those involved in compliance, due diligence and crime prevention activities who wish to hone their skills.  It is also suitable for team leaders and managers of investigative entities.

Course Outcomes

 Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand crime scene management

  • Employ surveillance skills

  • Organise and brief search teams

  • Use good practice in the collection, continuity and storage of evidence

  • Avoid contamination of evidence

  • Explore crime analysis techniques

  • Know how to obtain evidence from computers, laptops, mobile phones and other devices

  • Know how to make open source enquiries

  • Use the PEACE model of interviewing

  • Demonstrate interviewing techniques in order to secure relevant evidence

  • Understand crime scene management and evidence capture

  • Identify proactive investigation techniques

  • Comprehend computer based crime and Asset tracing

  • Explore advanced investigative interviewing, practical open source investigation and how interview witnesses and suspects


Dubai, UAE Feb 02 - 06 Feb, 2015
£2,450 (for one week), £4,000 (for two weeks)
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