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Advanced Management Development Programme

By: SPC Patterns Consulting


03 - 07 Nov, 2014  5 days

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Why do you need advance management skills? As the world economy continues to evolve, so do the requirements for global leadership. The Advanced Management Program world over is a powerful, transformational, and personalized learning experience that explores the best management practices and latest strategies for sustaining a strategic advantage over the long term. This Course aim to help participants both to develop their skills and expertise and to improve the quality of their work and their roles within their organizations. Particular attention will be paid to enhancing each participant's potential for development. Care has been taken to make the programme relevant to working conditions. The Course will enable Executives and Managers to learn how to function more effectively on the job and understand the application of new technics and design of an organisation. Participation is an important part of this practical course

Background of the Problem

What makes a staff or manager indispensable in an organization? This program is a comprehensive exploration of the elements of being an extraordinary personnel. You'll discover the grind and strength of a manager, strategic and leadership skills that make you an essential player in your team and your organization. With a strong focus on self-awareness, influencing and negotiation, financial acumen and dealing with pressure, you'll emerge with the strategically-minded outlook that will enable you to take your career to the next level.

Key Learning Objectives

The objective of this program include to:

  • Understand the increasing role and given job description in an organization.
  • Recognize more readily the nature of management and the functions of the management team.
  • Distinguish the importance of communication and improve their own communication skills.
  • Exercise delegation and supervisory skills.
  • Appraise their own performance and that of their subordinates.
  • Recognize the impact of information technology and be able to use it efficiently? Discover the pathway of effectiveness

Benefits of Course

The benefit of the program cannot be over emphasized. Each participant will return to work having learned a new tools, ideas and frameworks that will enable them to:

  • Raise awareness and discuss the impact of the environment on private and government business.
  • Value the important roles of your job description
  • Develop the skills of planning and organizing.
  • Understand the value of time.
  • Communicate to get best results
  • Increase your ability to interact with others in the organization.
  • Learn to make a greater contributions as a team member
  • Understand and use information technology and the internet
  • Become more confident in using initiative, and be proactive producing quality work.
  • Control stress at work
  • Help your managers to achieve corporate objective

Course Methodology

Instructors use cutting-edge teaching methods to ensure relevance, active learning, and rapid skill development. Our training methodology is a unique blend of lectures reinforced through the application of discussions and case reviews. That way delegates and their respective organizations will be able to obtain the maximum benefit from this program. Participants will also be assessed individually.

Course Structure

  • 4 days' workshop 
  • 2 day - certificate & award, field trip & Edu-tourism

Course Content

The course is organized on a workshop basis in which you can share your understanding of the delivered contents and discuss alternative methodologies to deal with them. The areas that will be covered are:

  • Expanding Your Horizons- Current Global Dynamics & th Nigerian Economy
  • The Design of Effective Organizations- Structures, Systems & Processes
  • Power Structures in Organizations- Helping your Boss see through complex Organizational Dynamics · Managing the BIG Office- Dealing with People & Complex Emotions
  • Understanding the Communications Matrix –
  1. Introduction to Mind Mapping
  2. Non Verbal Communication
  3. Verbal Communication & Presentation
  4. Report Writing & Presentation 
  • The Pathway of Effectiveness - “Knowing Me” ·
  1. Right Brain, Left Brain Psychology
  2. Effective Balance
  3. Learning Modalities
  4. Disc Typologies
  5. Work Prosperity
  6. Managerial Aptitude
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Customer Service
  • Leveraging Technology to manage your work-Life Balance
  • ICT programmes For Executive Assistance

Target Audiences Identified

This training programme has been specifically designed for the benefit of Senior Managers in Human Resources, Administrative, Accounts Sessions, Directors in Public and Private sectors, Team Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Administrators, Special & Personal Assistants, Top-Level Aides and all members of staff who are looking to increase performance, leadership skills and develop managerial capabilities.

Award and Certificates

Upon successful completion of this course, certificates and award will be given to all participants by Kaduna Business School in Partnership with SPC Patterns Consulting · Kaduna Business School (KBS) was established with a mandate to develop people and strengthen institutions by offering high-quality management programmes, consulting services, organisational restructuring and short- term academic programmes to both public and private sector organisations. KBS is committed to partnering with individuals and organisations in the realization of professional and personal goals and the attainment of full potential. ·SPC Patterns Consulting:  is an emerging global phenomenon established from ideas and experiences to serve and help her clients to solve complex business problems and aim to enhance their ability to build wealth, manage risk and improve performance. We take pride in the fact that our services add value by helping to improve transparency, trust and consistency of business processes.

Accra, Ghana Nov 03 - 07 Nov, 2014
Option A, $1,600 By Air to Acrra (This fee covers, training kits, expert tuition, s o u v e n i r s, accommodation, flight ticket, edu-tourism, award & certificate, feeding, {breakfast, tea-break, lun
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