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Cultural Diplomacy in a Multipolar World

By: United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)


16 Feb - 08 Mar, 2015  21 days

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Cultural diplomacy has long been the Cinderella of foreign ministries. But, as with its close relation, public diplomacy, interest in cultural diplomacy has increased with growing understanding of the significance of soft power in achieving states’ objectives in the international realm.

 This course examines the role of cultural diplomacy in the 21st Century. After first defining cultural diplomacy, the course discusses the concept of soft power and how this has informed the development of both public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy. There follows an account of the history of cultural diplomacy and of the influence of technological and societal change on its practice. Current practice in the field of cultural diplomacy will be analysed, along with the varied institutional arrangements in key countries. Finally, there will be an examination of cultural diplomacy as conducted in multilateral fora.

Event Objectives

This online course aims to enhance participants’ knowledge of the theory and practice of cultural diplomacy and understanding of its relevance to their own work.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Define cultural diplomacy and the concept of soft power;
  • Explain the relationship between public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy;
  • Describe the historical development of cultural diplomacy and the impact of technological and societal change on its practice and analyse the current issues in the field of cultural diplomacy;
  • Identify the varying institutional arrangements of a representative sample of states practising cultural diplomacy;
  • Describe the practice of cultural diplomacy in the multilateral environment.
Online Feb 16 - 08 Mar, 2015

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