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Finance and Accounting Workshop for Non-Accountants - FPP008 - Abuja

By: Centre for Management Development (CMD)

Abuja FCT, Nigeria

09 - 13 Nov, 2015  5 days

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 Application of financial accounting skills is necessary in every business transaction.  While it is compulsory for accountants to acquire and apply finance and accounting skills, non-accountants need to understand the basic principles of finance and accounting to facilitate their operations and decisions for sustained results.  They need to relate their decisions to financial considerations. 

This workshop holding in Abuja, FCT is therefore designed to help participants who have no formal background in finance and accounting to develop an understanding of the essential features of these functions and apply them in their work situations. 


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Apply finance and accounting procedures in their work situations
  • Prepare and implement financial budgets
  • Prepare basic financial records
  • Identify costs and cost centres and their relationship to overheads
  • Analyse and interpret basic financial statements
  • Apply the computer to finance and accounting information processing. 

Delivery Methodology

The programme will be delivered using lectures, discussions, syndicate work, case studies and exercises.  Audio-visual aids will be used to enhance learning. 

Target Group

The workshop is designed for Managers; Heads of Department, Division and Unit; Supervisors and other officers in public and private organizations in disciplines other than finance and accounting. 

Contact Person

Habibu Hauwa 

CMD Zonal Office, Abuja Nov 09 - 13 Nov, 2015
NGN75,000.00 (VAT inclusive)
(Convert Currency)


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