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Best Practice in Corporate Internal Auditing-Compliance, Risk Management and Fraud Control Course

By: Francis Consulting

Abuja FCT, Nigeria

16 - 19 Nov, 2020  4 days

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NGN 195,500

Venue: New Lap Hotel Jabi Abuja Nigeria.

The workshop will highlight current trends and practices in corporate in internal auditing. Issues to be discussed include:

  • The wider scope of roles and responsibilities of a modern internal auditor.
  • Audit planning methods
  • Systems documentation review and upgrading
  • How to write an effective audit report
  • How the internal auditor should relate to managers in other departments as well as the external auditors
  • Computer auditing techniques
  • Financial Investigations
  • The vexed issue of Corporate fraud: Types, Causes, Detection and Management
  • The internal auditor as the watchdog of management and the issue of independence of the internal auditor.
  • Challenges of the future.

Partial Content:

  • Fundamentals of Pro-Active Internal Auditing
  • Widened scope of duties and responsibilities of today’s internal auditor
  • Relationship of the internal audit department and other department and other department and other departments
  • Compliance Programme & Reporting
  • Relationship between internal auditors and externals auditors
  • Peculiarities of public sector auditing: public accounts committee, the alarm system, the auditor general’s role ect.
  • The audit committee and the intern auditor.
  • Internal audit as a cost tool
  • Independence of the internal auditor.
  • Risk Management Best Practice
  • Audit Planning Methods
  • Principles governing an audit: integrity, objectivity, independence, and confidentiality
  • Confidentiality etc
  • Assessment of existing controls and inherent risk
  • Preparation of the audit programme
  • Audit working papers: audit manuals, programme documents ect.
  • Adequate staffing for the audit function
  • The audit supervision chain
  • Enthroning Fraud Preventive Internal Control System
  • Definition of internal control system
  • Internal control systems and procedures
New Lap Hotel Jabi Abuja Nigeria. Nov 16 - 19 Nov, 2020
NGN 195,500.00
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Dr. Francis Okereke +2348082263439

Very seasoned industry experts will lead this all important seminar.