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Situational Leadership

By: CorpTrain Ghana™ Ltd


08 - 09 Apr, 2015  2 day

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The Situational Leadership Model is arguably the most recognised, utilised and effective leadership and influence tool in the history of the behavioural sciences. Dr Paul Hersey’s task-specific, original Situational Leadership Model is based on the relationship between leaders and followers and serves as a framework to analyse each situation based on the

  • Amount of guidance and direction (task behaviour) a leader gives
  • Amount of socio-emotional support (relationship behaviour) a leader provides
  • Readiness level that followers exhibit in performing a specific task, function, or objective.


Miklin Hotel, Accra, Ghana Apr 08 - 09 Apr, 2015

+233 0501 335 820, 233 -302 -974 -302,