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Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Management Course

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute


12 - 23 Mar, 2018  12 days

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GBP 10,000

This Training Course is designed for Supply Chain and Logistics Managers and Professionals; Operations Managers, Logistics Professionals; Logistic Providers; Logistic Administrators, Logistics, Planning and Inventory Managers, Purchasing and Procurement Managers, Retailers, Transportation and Distribution Managers, Inventory and Warehouse Control Professionals, Freight Forwarders and Linear Specialist, Production Managers, Production Planners, Financial Managers; Project Managers; Distribution Centre Supervisors; Manufacturers and Industries; Academicians, Researchers, NGOs and Practitioners; Those who interface with the logistics function and/or any aspect of the supply chain; Those who need to develop their understanding about Logistics and Supply Chain Management ; Those who are looking for business gains and benefits from managing their supply chains more effectively.

By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to:             

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the scope of purchasing;
  • Enumerate the purchasing cycle concept;
  • Provide insights into the changing role of purchasing and supply;
  • Explain how purchasing might develop from an independent function to an integrated activity;
  • Identify the internal and external influences which have affected the evolution of purchasing;
  • Demonstrate an enhanced understanding of the ‘total acquisition cost’ concept;
  • Illustrate their grasp of the notion of a mutually beneficial relationship between supplier and purchaser as a more favourable option to the adversarial approach;
  • Highlight the evolution of concepts relating to purchasing development;
  • Identify key practices encountered in developed strategic purchasing;
  • Develop appropriate strategy conducive to the gaining of competitive advantage within the organization’s sphere of operation;
  • Effectively debate operational centralization vs. decentralization;
  • Highlight the importance of contract management as an organizational success factor.
  • Enumerate the merits and demerits of contract management in organizational effectiveness
  • Illustrate the importance of a divergence from the traditional quality control to modern quality management systems.
  • Exhibit a working knowledge of ISO 9000 quality system;
  • Discuss the context within which Economic Order Quantity might still be applicable.
  • Discuss the importance of procurement requirements;
  • Exhibit an understanding of the problems and benefits of Material Requirements Planning (MRP).
  • Contextualize the issue of Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) within the organization;
  • Demonstrate their ability to analyze Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems within a specific context;
  • Provide enhanced guidance of the context within which ‘Just-in-Time’ management and inventory systems might be applicable and those within which they might be ineffective;
  • Make a case for the reduction in manufacturing and delivery lead times for organizational effectiveness and manufacturer supplier and consumer relationships;
  • Discuss the importance of a procurement policy that supports organizational objective accomplishment within international and national legal frameworks.

    Course Contents, Concepts and Issues
  • Part 1: Purchasing Scope and Development, The Changing Role of Purchasing and Supply;  Proactive Purchasing; Procurement Positioning; Total Acquisition Cost and Total Cost Ownership;  Non-Manufacturing Organisations; The Supply Chain Concept;  Purchasing Development; Best Practices in Strategic Supply Management.
  • Part 2: Strategic and Supply Chain Management, Strategic Procurement; The Concept of Strategy; The Mission Statement; Levels of Strategy; Category Management; Strategic Management; Strategic Analysis; Strategic Development; Strategic Implementation;  Objectives for Purchasing;  Strategies and Their Scope;  Selecting a Strategy; Effective Supply and Market Strategy; Purchasing and Supply in the Different Types of Organization; Organisation of the Activity;  Purchasing In the Organisation Structure;  Purchasing Devolution;  The Supply Chain; Improving Efficiency of the Supply Chain; Type of Supply Chain; Strategic Development of Purchasing.
  • Part 3: Quality Management, What Is Quality Management?; ISO 9000; Specification;Producing a Specification; Early Supplier Involvement; Standardisation; Supplier Assessment;  Quality Circles;  Make-Or-Buy Decision.
  • Part 4: Sourcing Strategies and Relationship ,The Nature of the Sourcing Decision; Attributes of a Good Supplier; Different Types of Sourcing;  Sourcing Decisions;  The Sourcing Process;  Source Location; Sources of Information on Potential Suppliers;  Supplier Evaluation;  The Right Relationship;  Other Aspects of Outsourcing;  Partnering;  Tiering of Suppliers.
  • Part 5: Pricing and Negotiations  Factors Affecting Pricing Decisions;  How Buyers Obtain Prices;  Auctions;  Price Analysis and Cost Analysis;  Pricing Major Contracts;  Investment Appraisal;  Learning Curves and Experience Curve.  Negotiation;  Negotiating Skills; Preparation;  The Introductory Stage;  Discussion Stage;  Agreement Stage;  The Post-Negotiation Stage;  Competition and Co-Operation in Negotiation;  Body Language;  Negotiation Strategies;  Negotiation Mix.
  • Part 6: Inventory Management for Organisational Effectiveness, Concept of Inventory; Poor Inventory Management; Attributes of Inventory; Kinds of Inventory, Raw Material;  Work-in-Process; Finished Goods; Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Goods; Transit Inventory;  Buffer Inventory;  Anticipation Inventory;  Decoupling Inventory;  Cycle Inventory. Inventory Sequencing; Just in Sequence (JIS);  Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) Method; First-In, First-Out (FIFO) Method
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Mar 12 - 23 Mar, 2018
GBP 10,000.00(The course cost does not include living accommodation. However, delegates are treated with the following: Continuous snacks throughout the Event Days; Hot Lunch on Event Days; City Tour; Hand-outs; Stationery.)
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