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Business Analytics for Executives

By: Knoze Academy

Lagos State, Nigeria

20 May - 03 Jun, 2017  15 days

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NGN 20,000

This course provides special analytics training for all business professionals, including those with no prior analytics experience. You’ll learn how data analysts describe, predict, and inform business decisions in the specific areas of marketing, human resources, finance, and operations, and you’ll develop basic data literacy and an analytic mindset that will help you make strategic decisions based on data.

PART I Foundation

Introduction to analytics

In this section we shall provide you an overview into the world of analytics. You will learn about the various applications of analytics, how companies are using analytics to prosper and study the analytics cycle.

  • What is analytics and why is it so important?
  • Applications of analytics
  • Different kinds of analytics
  • Various analytics tools
  • Analytics project methodology
  • Case study

Analytics tools and technologies

This module is all about learning how to manage and manipulate data and datasets, the very first step of analytics. We shall teach you how to use the analytics tools to work with data using a case study.

  • Installation of Analytics technology
  • Getting started with the tools
  • Basic and Advanced Data types
  • Variable operators
  • Working with data frames
  • Reading and writing data files
  • Merging and sorting data
  • Practice assignment

Univariate statistics / Data visualization

This is where you shall learn how to start understanding the story your data is narrating by summarizing the data, checking its variability and shape. Data visualization is extremely important to understand what the data is saying and gain insights in just one glance.

  • Need for data visualization
  • Univariate statistics in R
  • Summarizing data, measures of central tendency
  • Measures of data variability and distributions
  • Practice assignment

Data preparation using Analytics tools

Real world data is rarely going to be given to you perfect on a platter. It will always be dirty with missing data points, incorrect data, variables needing to be changed or created in order to be analyzed . We shall teach you all the techniques required to be successful in this aspect.

  • Needs and methods of data preparation
  • Handling missing values
  • Outlier treatment
  • Transforming variables
  • Derived variables
  • Binning data
  • Modifying data

PART II Model Building using Analytics platform

 This is where we will buid various predictive models to solve business problems. You will be able to build analytics models using various machine learning algorithms and technique and will also be able to evaluate the performance of such models.

  • Regression
  • Correlation and Linear regression
  • Correlation
  • Simple linear regression
  • Multiple linear regression
  • Model diagnostics and validation
  • Case study
  • Logistic regression
  • Moving from linear to logistic regression
  • Model assumptions and Odds ratio
  • Model assessment and gains table
  • ROC curve and KS statistic
  • Case study
  • Decision Trees
  • What are decision trees?
  • Entropy
  • Gini impurity index
  • Decison trees algorithms
  • ID3
  • C4.5
  • CART
  • Regression trees

Course duration:

3 weekend period


No previous knowledge or experience in business or analytics is required. This Specialization is designed for anyone interested in understanding how decisions are made using big data.

All materials will be provided

Capial Building, 332 Ikorodu Road, Idiroko Bus Stop, Lagos May 20 - 03 Jun, 2017
NGN 20,000.00
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09098969730 09098969730

Facilitators: Adeyemi Odeneye B.Sc, M.Sc(UK) ACEN, GAIQ, OMCP, CBAP Phd (in view)Principal Consultant (Knoze Disruptive Consulting) He is the first Advanced analytics consultant in Africa, with over 5 years in Analytics . He is a programmer and Machine learning and Data science Evangelist. He has built various models. Ifeoluwa Oladapo B.Sc M.Sc SAS ( Certified professional) Data Scientist and Analytics professional ( KNOZE Disruptive Consulting) He specializes in providing insights through Big data and has several certifications across board in data analytics. He is one of the few Nigerians who have the SAS global certification, with over six years working with SAS software