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Accounting for Spoilage, Rework and Scrap with Balanced Scorecard (London)

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute

United Kingdom

24 - 28 Apr, 2017  5 days

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At the end of the course, delegates will demonstrate a tremendous advancement in their work related to the following course contents, issues and concepts:

  • Spoilage, Rework and Scrap
  • Basic Terminology
  • Accounting for Spoilage
  • Types of Spoilage
  • Process Costing and Spoilage
  • Inspection Points and Spoilage
  • The Five-Step Procedure for Process Costing with Spoilage
  • Job Costing and Spoilage
  • Job Costing and Accounting for Spoilage
  • Job Costing and Rework
  • Accounting for Scrap
  • Aspects of Accounting for Scrap
  • Number of Units of Normal and Abnormal Spoilage Changes, Depending on When Inspection Occurs
  • Balanced Scorecard: Quality, Time and Theory of Constraints
  • Quality as a Competitive Tool
  • Two Basic Aspects of Quality
  • Quality and Failure
  • Four Perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard
  • The Financial Perspective: Costs of Quality (COQ)
  • Elements of Costs of Quality Reports
  • Cost of Quality Exclusions
  • The Customer Perspective
  • The Internal Business Process Perspective
  • Pareto Diagrams
  • Cause-and-Effect Diagrams
  • Nonfinancial Measures of Internal Business Process Quality
  • The Learning and Growth Perspective for Quality
  • Advantages of COQ (Financial) Measures
  • Advantages of Nonfinancial Measures of Quality
  • Time as a Competitive Tool
  • Two Operational Measures of Time
  • Time Drivers
  • Simple Time Presumptions
  • Theory of Constraints and Throughput- Contribution Analysis
  • Four Steps in Managing Bottleneck Operations
  • Methods to Relieve Bottlenecks
  • The Balanced Scorecard and Time-Related Measures.
London, United Kingdom Apr 24 - 28 Apr, 2017
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