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Public Sector Procurement and Contract Management



23 - 27 Nov, 2015  5 days

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USD 1,500

The course is split into 3 modules across 4 days but is based around a single scenario reflecting a typical public sector procurement and contract management process. Delegates will learn about the technical skills and knowledge required to complete the typical activities at each stage of the procurement cycle as well as the subtleties of how to make the process work for you. Exercises and case studies are used to illustrate the importance of mindset and behaviors as part of this process for example concerning the importance of strong supplier relationships. The course culminates with a module getting delegates to reflect on what needs to be done at the close of a contract either to transition to a new contract and / or to learn the lessons from the previous procurement process. The modules reflect the sequence of events that would often take place in a real life situation.

  • Module 1 covers all the activities from the identification of a need to spend money through to the award of a contract. This includes:
  • The assessment of whether to meet the need through in house provision or procure it externally
  • Market testing
  • The evaluation of available suppliers and
  • The undertaking of a competitive procurement process including how to evaluate tenders
  • Module 2 covers all the activities that are required to complete a business justification for spending the money including strategic fit, affordability, feasibility and the structured assessment of different options for providing the service.
  • Module 3 covers all the activities to ensure that a contract is well managed from the moment that a contract is awarded to the time it comes to an end.
  • Successful completion of the course will provide delegates with much of the knowledge and many of the skills to help them to move into senior Public Sector roles in the following areas:
  • Purchasing
  • Cost reduction and assessing value for money
  • Investment appraisal
  • Financial control
  • Procurement
  • Contract Management

Course Content

DAY 1 -4

  • Module 1 - The procurement process
  • Identification of need and writing a specification
  • Procurement options
  • Market testing and supplier appraisal
  • Attracting suppliers through the PQQ and ITT process
  • Tender evaluation to achieve best value for money
  • Contract award
  • Module 2 – The Business Case
  • Objective and components of a business case
  • Strategic fit
  • Financial and economic case
  • Techniques for financial appraisal
  • Affordability and value for money
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Feasibility
  • Module 3 - Contract Management
  • The link to the procurement phase
  • Contract administration
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Managing the supplier’s performance
  • Contract end or exit
  • DAY 5
  • Field Trip

Teaching Method

  • Review of a variety of case studies and exercises
  • Understanding best practice in certain areas
  • Realistic public sector scenario used as the basis for the whole course
  • High level of attention to individual participants
  • Interactive participation is encouraged

Course Benefits

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of best practice procurement and contract management techniques and behaviors in the public sector
  • Understand how the different parts of a purchasing cycle fit together
  • Take your public sector finance skills to an advanced level
  • Understand the need to work and communicate with people who have a different professional background to achieve lasting procurement success
  • Be able to move into a different public sector finance role


Accra, Ghana Nov 23 - 27 Nov, 2015
USD 1,500.00
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