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Inventory Costing, Capacity Analysis and Determining Costs Behavior Course - Diploma Postgraduate (London)

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute

United Kingdom

23 - 27 Oct, 2017  5 days

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GBP 5,000

By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities of Inventory Costing Course, the participant will be able to demonstrate a heightened understanding of the following concepts and issues:

Part 1: Inventory Costing and Capacity Analysis

  • Inventory Costing Choices: Overview;
  • Costing Comparison;
  • Differences in Income;
  • Comparative Income Statements;
  • Comparative Income Statements-Three Years;
  • Comparative Income Effects;
  • Comparison of Alternative Inventory Costing Systems;
  • Performance Issues and Absorption Costing;
  • Inventories and Costing Methods;
  • Other Manipulation Schemes Beyond Simple Overproduction;
  • Management Countermeasures for Fixed Cost Manipulation Schemes;
  • Income Effects of Inventory Build-up;
  • Extreme Variable Costing: Throughput Costing;
  • Throughput Costing Illustrated;
  • Costing System Compared.

Part 2: Determining How Costs Behave

  • Cost Functions;
  • Cost Terminology;
  • Cost Function Assumptions;
  • Bridging Accounting and Statistical Terminology;
  • Linear Cost Function;
  • Linear Cost Functions Illustrated;
  • Criteria for Classifying Variable and Fixed Components of a Cost;
  • The Relevant Range Illustrated;
  • Cause and Effect as It Relates to Cost Drivers;
  • Cost Estimation Methods;
  • Steps in Estimating a Cost Function Using Quantitative Analysis;
  • Sample Cost-Activity Plot;
  • High-Low Method;
  • High-Low Method Plot;
  • Regression Analysis;
  • Types of Regression;
  • Sample Regression Model Plot;
  • Alternative Regression Model Plot;
  • Terminology;
  • Criteria for Evaluating Alternative Cost Drivers;
  • Nonlinear Cost Functions;
  • Nonlinear Cost Functions Illustrated;
  • Types of Learning Curves;
  • Sample Cumulative Average-Time Model;
  • Sample Incremental Unit-Time Model;
  • Time Learning Model Comparative Plots;
  • Predicting Costs Using Alternative Time Learning Models;
  • The Ideal Database;
  • Data Problems.

This inventory costing, capacity analysis and determining costs behaviour course - diploma postgraduate (London) is designed for:

  • Chartered Accountants;
  • Certified Accountants;
  • Licensed Accountants;
  • Cost Accountants;
  • Management Accountants;
  • Organizational Decision-makers;
  • Inventory Managers;
  • Quality Managers;
  • Pricing Specialists;
  • Balanced Scorecard Specialists;
  • Senior Managers;
  • Product Managers;
  • Operational Directors;
  • Profit Centre Managers;
  • Budget Specialists;
  • Strategic Managers
London Oct 23 - 27 Oct, 2017
GBP 5,000.00 + 250.00 (VAT)(The course cost does not include living accommodation. However, delegates are treated with the following: Continuous snacks throughout the Event Days; Hot Lunch on Event Days; City Tour; Hand-outs; Stationery.)
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+44 7736147507; +44 1902 763607; +44 2071935906

We offer very attractive discount for groups of 3 and more people, from the same organisation, taking the same course. Courses are delivered in over 30 Cities including Miami, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Milan.
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