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Local, National and International Logistics Course - Diploma Postgraduate

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute


15 - 26 Jan, 2018  12 days

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GBP 10,000

By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, the participant will be able to demonstrate a heightened understanding of the following concepts and issues:

Part 1: Operational Objective of Integrated Logistics

  • Operational Objectives:

Part 2: Key Elements of Logistics Management

  • Understanding Logistics Management;
  • Achieving Competitive Advantage through Logistics;
  • Conceptualising Logistics;
  • Marketing and Logistic Interface:

Part 3: Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Manufacturing and Services Context

  • The Evolution of Logistics and Supply Chain Management;
  • Defining Logistics;
  • Defining Supply Chain Management;
  • Logistics vs. Supply Chain Management.

Part 4: Organisations in the Logistics Industry

  • Evolution of Logistical Organisation;
  • Attaining Organisational Integration;
  • Phases in Functional Aggregation.

Part 5: Store Management

  • Store Functions;
  • Regular Activities of Stores;
  • Organising the Stores;
  • Stores, Location and Warehousing:
  • Storekeeping;
  • Stores Accounting;
  • Physical Verification;
  • Security and Safety.

Local and National Logistics

Part 6: Transportation

  • Concept;
  • Transportation Functionality and Principles:
  • Principles of Transportation;
  • Participation in Transportation Decisions;
  • Modal Characteristics:
  • Intermodal Operators:
  • Transport Economics:
  • Product-Related Factors Influencing Transport Costs;
  • Market-Related Factors Influencing Transport Costs.

Part 7: Materials Handling and Packaging

  • Concepts of Material Handling and Packaging;
  • Kinds of Materials Handling Systems:
  • Packaging;
  • Consumer Packaging;
  • Industrial Packaging;
  • Package Design;
  • Packaging, Containerization and Material Handling.

Part 8: Warehousing

  • Concept of Warehousing;
  • Importance of Warehousing Management;
  • Development of Warehousing As a Concept;
  • Role of Warehousing In Logistical System;
  • Principles of Warehouse Design:
  • Kinds of Warehouses:
  • Warehousing Strategies;
  • Warehousing Functions.

Part 9: International Logistics

  • Concepts of International Logistics:
  • International Intermediaries:
  • Sale in International Trade;
  • International Documentation;
  • Letters of Credit;
  • Barriers to International Logistics;
  • Market and Competition;
  • Financial Barriers;
  • Distribution Channels;
  • Cargo Insurance and Claims:
  • Who Can Insure;
  • Special Features of Marine Insurance;
  • Paying the Insurance Premium;
  • Duty Insurance;
  • Kinds of Perils;
  • Types of Policies;
  • Loss.

Part 10: Logistics and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

  • Concepts of Logistics Information;
  • Information Functionality;
  • Evaluating Logistics Information Systems Application:
  • Logistics Information Systems Design:
  • Information Technology Application;
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI);
  • Personal Computers;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Communications;
  • Bar Coding and Scanning.

This local, national and international logistics course - diploma postgraduate (Malaysia) is designed for:

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Managers and Professionals;
  • Operations Managers;
  • Logistics Professionals;
  • Logistic Providers;
  • Logistic Administrators;
  • Logistics Planning and Inventory Managers;
  • Purchasing and Procurement Managers;
  • Retailers;
  • Transportation and Distribution Managers;
  • Inventory and Warehouse Control Professionals;
  • Freight Forwarders and Linear Specialists;
  • Production Managers;
  • Production Planners;
  • Financial Managers;
  • Project Managers;
  • Distribution Centre Supervisors;
  • Manufacturers and Industries;
  • Academicians, Researchers, NGOs and Practitioners;
  • Those who interface with the logistics function and/or any aspect of the supply chain;
  • Those who need to develop their understanding about Logistics and Supply Chain Management;
  • Those who are looking for business gains and benefits from managing their supply chains more effectively.
Kuala Lumpur Jan 15 - 26 Jan, 2018
GBP 10,000.00 + 500.00 (VAT)(The course cost does not include living accommodation. However, delegates are treated with the following: Continuous snacks throughout the Event Days; Hot Lunch on Event Days; City Tour; Hand-outs; Stationery.)
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