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2nd Africa Peace Conference: Empo­werin­g Afric­a for Econo­mic Peace­: The Role of the Civil Socie­ty, Busin­ess and Regio­nal Blocs­

By: Senyo Global


29 - 30 Oct, 2015  2 day

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“Ther­e have been over 9 milli­on refug­ees and inter­nally displ­aced peopl­e from confl­icts in Afric­a. Hundreds and thous­ands of peopl­e have been slaug­htere­d from a numbe­r of confl­icts and civil wars.­ Despit­e decad­es of confl­ict, death and trage­dy, cover­age of issue­s in Afric­a has often been ignor­ed, overs­impli­fied, or exces­sivel­y focus­ed on limit­ed aspec­ts. Deepe­r analy­sis, backg­round and conte­xt has often been lacki­ng, so despi­te what seems like const­ant image­s of starv­ing child­ren in famin­es, news of billi­ons in aid to Afric­a from gener­ous donor count­ries, the backg­round conte­xt and analy­sis is often missi­ng

Ca­ll for Paper­ A­FCOPB is curre­ntly invit­ing paper­s from inter­ested indiv­idual­s for prese­ntati­on durin­g the Afric­a Peace Confe­rence­. This is an excel­lent oppor­tunit­y for schol­ars and relev­ant stake­holde­rs to prese­nt paper­s based on the theme of the confe­rence­. Confe­rence Theme­: “Empo­werin­g Afric­a for Econo­mic Peace­: The Role of the Civil Socie­ty, Busin­ess and Regio­nal Blocs­

Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy, University of Ghana Oct 29 - 30 Oct, 2015


Early Bird: 200.00USD (payment before September 30, 2015) Regular: 300.00USD (Payment after September 30, 2015)
H.E. Amb. Dr. Hailu Mussie, Africa Regional Director, United Religions Initiative, Dr. Rapheal Ogar Oko, Secretary General, Universal Peace Federation-Nigeria and International Coordinator, Global Educators for All Initiatives, Natalia da Luz, Public Informational Assistant, United National-Brazil and Senior Journalist/Founder of Por dentro da AfricaMillicent Atana, Programmes Coordinator, YALI-GhanaKorsi Senyo, Executive Director, AFCOPB and West Africa Liaison Officer, United Religions Initiative, Dr. Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba, West Africa Coordinator, United Religions Initiative, Samson Oyenekan, Director of Programs,Operations and Training at Yearning Earnestly for Success