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Project Management in Action: Managing World Bank Projects Course (Belgium)
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By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute


20 - 31 Mar, 2017  12 days

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GBP 10,000

By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to:

  • Distinguish between groups and mere aggregations;
  • Suggest the difference in interpretation of groups and teams;
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the social and psychological relevance of the stages of formation of a group;
  • Distinguish between task forces, committees, command groups and boards
  • Apply group dynamics to organizational settings;
  • Suggest ways of improving group morale, while enhancing their effectiveness
  • Demonstrate a heightened understanding of the type and permanence of the leadership of a team;
  • Explain the occasions in which a situational leader is likely to emerge;
  • Demonstrate a high level of understanding of a team attempts to replace a situational leader, to enhance stability, acceptability or renewed or clarified mission or objectives;
  • Determine why a temporary team is likely to be more problematic to lead than a permanent team;
  • Explain why a team’s disbandment might have a negative psychological effect on members and the team leader;
  • Explain the bases for the feeling of ‘Togetherness’ or ‘Awareness’ in an Aggregation;
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the theoretical and practice bases of Team Dynamics;
  • Explain the Team Typological Bases;
  • Distinguish between command teams, boards, committees and task forces;
  • Provide examples of command teams, highlighting the situations in which a leader might belong to two Command Teams;
  • Distinguish between Temporary Committees and Standing Committees;
  • Order the team formation stages, explaining the psychological issues that beset them and relate them to organizational functioning;
  • Demonstrate their ability to deal with the psychological effect of disbandment;
  • Detect Dysfunctional Behaviour’s;
  • Address the salient issues associated with Dysfunctional Behaviour’s;
  • Provide an individually synthesized proposal for dealing with aggressiveness;
  • Indicate how they would handle blocking, effectively;
  • Propose an effective way of dealing with interfering behaviour;
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategy that they have devised for dealing with intra-team competition;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their strategy for addressing situations where team members seek sympathy;
  • Propose an effective remedy to ‘member withdrawal
  • Put forward a satisfactory way of addressing ‘special pleading’;
  • Demonstrate an effective ‘leader behaviour’ when dealing with dysfunctional behaviours.

This Course is designed for:

  • Project Management Specialists
  • Project Management Consultants
  • Project Management Practitioners
  • Project Officers
  • Project Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • General Managers
  • Field Managers
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Business Angels
  • Investment Managers
  • Fund Managers
  • Tender Response Units Officials
  • Bidding Department Officials
  • Senior Managers,
  • Project Leaders
  • Commissioners
  • Fund Holders
  • Revenue Managers
  • Development Agencies
  • Regeneration Officials
  • International Associations
  • Corporate Managers
  • Economic Agencies
  • Regional Associations
  • All others interested in the Practical
  • Issues associated with Project Management, Generally, and World
  • Economic Advisor
Brussels, Belgium Mar 20 - 31 Mar, 2017
GBP 10,000.00 + 500.00 (VAT)
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+44 7736147507; +44 1902 763607; +44 2071935906

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