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The Professional Supervisor: Improve Supervisory Skills for Better

By: Allied Educational Resources Ltd.

Lagos State, Nigeria

08 - 09 Oct, 2015  2 day

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With a host of new challenges and responsibilities to tackle, new supervisors need training that helps them adjust to their new role. Learning how to supervise your new employees on a trial and error basis can lead to discouragement. This course can help you overcome many of the problems a new supervisor may encounter, and to set the groundwork for a successful change in your working life!

Learning Objectives

  • Clarify the scope and nature of a supervisory position
  • Learn some ways to deal with the challenges of the role
  • Recognize the responsibilities you have as a supervisor, to yourself, your team, and your organization
  • Learn key techniques to help you plan and prioritize effectively
  • Acquire a basic understanding of leadership, team building, communication, and motivation, and what part they play in effective supervision
  • Develop strategies for motivating your team, giving feedback, and resolving conflict

Course Outline 

  • Course Overview
  • Adjusting to Your Role
  • A Survival Guide
  • Pre-Assignment Review
  • Making the Transition
  • A Supervisor’s Responsibilities
  • Action-Centred Leadership
  • The Action-Centred Leadership Model
  • Considering the Possibilities
  • Making Plans
  • Old Sayings with Staying Power
  • Urgent-Important Matrix
  • Prioritizing Case Study
  • The Elements of Planning
  • Planning to Plan
  • Setting Goals
  • Defining Leadership
  • What is Leadership?
  • Brief History of Leadership Studies
  • The Leadership Formula
  • Case Studies
  • The Situational Leadership Model
  • About Leadership
  • Understanding Your Comfort Zone
  • What’s Your Type? How About Mine?
  • Assessing Your Preferences
  • What Does it Mean To Have a Number?
  • Debrief
  • Team Building Tips
  • What is a Team?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Teams
  • Developing a High-Performing Team
  • The Five Stages of Team Development
  • How Can I Help?
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Team Leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Defining Communication
  • Communication Barriers
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Questioning Skills
  • Probing Techniques
  • The Communication Process
  • Motivating Employees
  • To Motivate or Instigate
  • Making Connections
  • Orientation and On boarding
  • The First 48 Hours
  • How Did Your Orientation Rate?
  • Training Tips and Tricks
  • Guidelines for Effective Training
  • Developing Your Training Skills
  • Providing Feedback
  • Six Characteristics of Effective Feedback
  • Skill Building
  • Receiving Feedback
  • Doing Delegation Right
  • What is Delegation?
  • Defining Delegation
  • Making Connections
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • The Conflict Resolution Process
  • The Problem Solving Process
  • The Conference
  • Managing Disciplinary Issues
  • Personal Action Plan
45 Lagos street, Ebutte-Metta, Yaba, Lagos. Oct 08 - 09 Oct, 2015
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