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Translating Policy into Legislation - INT 008

By: Centre for Management Development

United Kingdom

07 - 11 Dec, 2015  5 days

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GBP 2,300

Good quality legislation is understandable and accessible. Poor quality legislation is often neither and can incur heavy political, economic, social and environmental costs. This programme aims to develop an understanding of the analytical skills required to convert policy into legislation; and to demonstrate the ways in which legislation should be effectively drafted and structured. Participants will be encouraged to put learned skills into practice in a series of written exercises.

This programme approaches the subject from two different standpoints. Firstly, it looks at the situation from that of the policy maker, who needs to fully understand not only what principal elements are involved in the making of effective policy itself but, assuming the policy needs the backing of the law, just as importantly what it is that the legislative drafter has to do and what it is that he or she therefore needs to know. Such an understanding can considerably assist with the drafting of effective instructions and cut down the amount of time taken in meetings that might otherwise need to take place in order to clarify and / or refine aspects of the policy.

Secondly, the programme looks at the situation from the point of view of those who need to draft the resulting rules, or more specifically to “translate” the policy: the legislative drafters, or parliamentary counsel. 

For these officers the task involves producing legislation that is not only readily understandable by those who are expected to comply with it, but is also workable in practice and readily capable of being enforced. 

This means that it also has to be clearly understood by those who are expected to administer and police it.

Participants will be offered a series of lectures from experts in their particular field and also have the opportunity to put the translation process into practice by undertaking a number of written exercises.

These will be assessed by the programme facilitator and the results will be examined in class in structured feedback sessions of which comments and suggestions will be made.

Program Objective

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Follow the stages of the legislative process
  • Employ the principles of good policy-making
  • Analyze policy for the purposes of drafting legislation
  • Incorporate the principles of legislative expression
  • Avoid jargon and use plain English in drafting legislation
  • Structure and format legislative drafts
  • How to practically apply skills in oral and written exercises

 Target Group

Chief Executive, Executives, Heads of Parastatals, DGs of Research Centres, Permanent Secretaries, Directors, Deputy, Directors and Assistant Directors.

RIPA International London, UK Dec 07 - 11 Dec, 2015
GBP 2300 (+ VAT)
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