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Stuck Pipe Prevention and Fishing Operation

By: Soleman Training and Consulting

Lagos State, Nigeria

15 - 19 Nov, 2015  5 days

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USD 1,800

This course will cover a practical treatment of the causes of stuck pipe and the techniques that can be employed to avoid such problems. Participants will learn about investigation techniques covering the operation, selection, and use of fishing tools, including decision making methods. Wellbore recovery and techniques used to sidetrack the well will also be covered.

This course has been designed to educate each participant on how to prevent fishing jobs and if they occur, what operation and techniques are available to recover the fish or how to sidetrack the well.

Course Agenda

Day 1

On the first day of the course, participants will receive a basic overview of drilling, which will cover hole designs and types. The day will move forward to cover axial loads in submerged tubulars, steel mechanics, and drill string design

Day 2

Participants will learn more about drill string design and stuck pipe on the second day. The causes and preventions of drill string failure will also be discussed. A portion of the day will focus on teaching participants about wellbore stability. The day will end with stuck pipe definitions, mechanisms, consequences, and geometry causes.

Day 3

Day three will focus on stuck pipe, hole cleaning, and fishing. Participants will learn about differential sticking and lost circulation. The last part of the day will focus on fishing, to include topics such as causes, prevention, tool types, and operations.

Day 4

Participants will learn more about fishing and directional drilling on this day. Fishing tool selection and economics will be covered on this day. Directional drilling, plug back methods, open hole, and cased hole methods will be discussed as well.

 Day 5

The last day will focus completely on teaching participants about sidetracking. Specific topics that will be covered include the reasons to sidetrack, considerations, and the effect on future operations. Two types of sidetracking will also be covered, open hole and close hole.

Lagos, Nigeria Nov 15 - 19 Nov, 2015


Special offer for groups and companies to be 1500 USD