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Fast Food Business Management Course

By: Mimamel Limited

Delta State, Nigeria

06 - 06 Nov, 2015 

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NGN 20,000

The Fast Food Business Management Course is a two in one course that covers the following: 

Effect of Poor Training and Development on the Work Performance of the Fast Food Employee

Fast food is a term that can be given to food that can be prepared and serve easily and quickly. Fast food is also food that can be sold in eatery and restaurant and it can be served to customers as a packaged take-out or take-away.

The fast food restaurants are organization and every organization is in process of making turnaround strategy that will enable them to transform the organization into effective service organization, which satisfy their customers.

Thus this transformation involves training and development programs for their staff. Research as shown that fast food organizations has been faced with employee poor performance and this is as a result of poor training. Employee training and development is a crucial to improve productivity and enhance employee motivation.

Learning Objectives

  • To enable managers of fast food to evaluate their staff strengths and weaknesses
  • To enable the managers of fast food to know the current state of their performance
  • To enable the management of fast food to know how to improve employee job performance at fast food outlet
  • To enable the  management of fast food restaurant to initiate different training and development schemes to motivate and accelerate employees’ work performance


  • Introduction to training
  • Training and development increase productivity
  • Process of training
  • Method of training
  • Work performance system
  • The importance of training and development
  • Case Study
  • Target Participants
  • Directors of fast food restaurant
  • Directors of hotel
  • Managers of fast food and hotel
  • All staff of fast food restaurant and hotel

The Impart of External Factors on Fast Food Business

Fast food is the food prepared and serves very quickly; fast food was first disseminating in the 1950s in the United State of America. The meal required less preparation time that is why is also consider as fast food.

Economic fluctuation is complicated and has great effect on the fast food business. The environment is dynamic and change in the environment is uncertain and quick and presently business is anticipated to overcome complexity and disturbance.

Thus organization must pay Attention to focus on factors which is in their environment PEST (Political Economical Social Technological) and they should prepared policies and strategies that will enable then to survive the perceived external environment as opportunity and threat.

Learning Objectives

  • To enable managers to analyze the effect of PEST forces on the performance on fast food and hotel
  • The fast food organization who have better understanding with the PEST factors can generate higher Return On Investment (ROI)
  • To enable the management of fast food restaurants and hotels  to find a solution against environmental problem
  • Managers of fast food will achieve a positive co-relation between customer and also use technology to grow


  • Introduction to the external factors of business
  • Analyzing the external environment to aid the performance of fast food business
  • Process of analyzing the external environment
  • Achieve positive relationship between customers
  • The importance of the external environment
  • Case Study

Target Participants

  • Directors of fast food restaurant
  • Directors of hotel
  • Managers of fast food and hotel
  • All staff of fast food restaurant and hotel 
Mimamel Training & Skills Centre, The J's Innovation Plaza, KM 4 Refinery Road, Opp. St. Peter's Anglican Church, Ekpan-Warri, Nigeria. Nov 06 - 06 Nov, 2015
NGN 20,000.00
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Mrs. Roes Nanna is a Chartered Professional Administrator since 2002 and she has been practicing as consultant to small and large organization. She is an advocate of maximizing the potential of top managers, employees, organizational growth by transferring knowledge through training in the area of Organizational Diagnosis, Organizational Analysis, Human Capacity Building, and Managing Change in Organization, Training and Development of employee etc.This process has been achieved in the past and present by the training of managers in the Chartered Institute of Administration Centre in ABUJA 2003- 2004, Jos 2006-2009 and currently management consultant to medium and larger organization in Delta State and a Member of the world 12 Manage Executive Fast Track, where she contributes to management consultation. She is a Chartered Financial Administrator; Nigeria, further specialized in management as a Royal Chartered Manager of the Chartered Management Institute, UK and Chartered Management Consultant of the Chartered Institute of Management Consultant ,Canada.