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Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Programs

By: TSI Limited

Ogun State, Nigeria

02 - 04 Sep, 2019  3 days

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NGN 180,000

This training course introduces the anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism programs. Case studies and simulation exercises will illustrate the discussed points.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Define money laundering and terrorism financing,
  • Identify sources of laundered money,
  • Discuss money laundering cycle;
  • Identify agents of money laundering and terrorism finance
  • Apply various methods of preventing money laundering and terrorism financing.

Course Outline

  • Legal framework and anti-money laundering players
  • Regulatory requirements
  • European directives
  • COMOFI provisions
  • Criminal law provisions
  • Anti-money laundering players :
  • At the global scale : Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering
  • Organization and TRACFIN mechanisms
  • Other players
  • Anti-laundering operations - declaration of suspicion
  • Bodies subjected to the declaration of suspicion
  • Operations subjected to the declaration of suspicion
  • Information mentioned in the declaration of suspicion
  • Transmission to the TRACFIN and legal guarantees
  • Implementation stages and most common techniques of capital laundering
  • The laundering process
  • Investment
  • Stacking-up (aka concealment)
  • Integration (aka conversion)
  • Review of several techniques that can be simply detected :
  • Intervention of a Politically Exposed Figure (PEF)
  • Cash remittances or withdrawals with no economic justification
  • Agents using multiple bank accounts
  • Advanced laundering operations : pass-through entities and offshore structures
  • Using pass-through-entities
  • Using offshore financial structures
  • Other specific techniques : using the art market and the real estate market
4, Akinpelu Street, Lagos-Ibadan Express Road, Behind Femak Petrol Station, Ibafo Bus stop, Ibafo, Ogun State Sep 02 - 04 Sep, 2019
NGN 180,000.00
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Prof. Richard Mayungbe +1-646-202-8832, 08033467639, 08023019508

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