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SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) In-depth Course

By: Habanero Data Solutions - Business Intelligence Training

Lagos State, Nigeria

20 - 24 Mar, 2017  5 days

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NGN 200,000

This 5 day training course will give delegates a thorough study on using SQL Integration Services (SSIS). The training course will teach delegates how to build simple as well as complex data integration solutions using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.

The training course covers all aspects of development, deployment and administration of SSIS packages. The course is based on SQL Server 2012, but it is relevant also for SQL Server 2008/R2. The course will teach delegates how to implement SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to export and import data between mixed data sources.

Delegates will learn how to carry out data cleansing tasks such as de-duplicating and fuzzy lookups. Further tasks covered include converging heterogeneous data sources through transformations such as merge and union. We will also look at splitting single data sources into transformations such as conditional split, handle multiple import files with containers such as for and for each loops, and much more.

In this course you will learn about the Microsoft SQL Server Visual Studio development environment for design, creation and management of SSIS packages, and work with Control and Data Flows to build workflows to extract, transform, and load data using a variety of data sources, transformations, and destinations. You will also become familiar with SSIS package management and package deployment along with learning to write solid code using debugging, error handling, and logging techniques.

Come enjoy the motivating atmosphere, learning with your peers while you discover the possibilities of SQL Integration Services.

Audience: Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Developers, Data Managers, Business Intelligence Analysts, IT Administrators, Data Architects

Course Syllabus:

Day 1
Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

  • SSIS Overview
  • SSIS Architecture
  • Exploring SQL Server Data Tools
  • Creating a SSIS Solution and Project
  • Creating a Basic SSIS Package
  • Moving Data with the Import Export Wizard

Introduction to Control Flow

  • Overview of Control Flow in Integration Services
  • Connecting Control Flow with Precedence Constraints
  • Manipulating Files with File System Task
  • Coding Custom Script Tasks
  • Control Flow Tasks
  • Working with Workflow Tasks
  • Using Execute SQL Task
  • Using Execute Process Task
  • Using File System Task
  • Using Send Mail Task
  • Using FTP Task
  • Elements in Control Flow
  • Creating a Data Flow


Introduction to Data Flow

  • Data Flow Overview
  • Data Flow Pipeline
  • Extracting Data from Sources
  • Loading Data to a Destination
  • Changing Data Types with the Data Conversion Transform
  • Creating and Replacing Columns with the Derived Column Transform
  • Rolling up Data with the Aggregate Transform
  • Ordering Data with the Sort Transform
  • Joining Data with Lookup Transform
  • Auditing Data with the Row Count Transform
  • Combining Multiple Inputs with the Union All Transform
  • Cleansing Data with Script Component
  • Seperating Data with Conditional Split Transform
  • Alternating Rows with OLE DB Command Transform
  • Handling Bad Data with the Fuzzy Lookup Transform
  • Removing Duplicating with the Fuzzy Grouping Transform
  • Data Viewers
  • Data Transformations

Variables and Configurations

  • Understanding Variables
  • Using Variables in Control Flow
  • Using Variables in Data Flow
  • Understanding Property Expressions
  • Using Property Expressions
  • Understanding Configurations
  • Using Configurations
  • Using Variables and Configurations between Packages

Day 3

How to make SSIS Packages Dynamic

  • Making a SSIS Package Dynamic with variables
  • Making a Connection Dynamic with Expressions
  • Making a Task Dynamic with Expressions


  • Using Sequence Containers to Organize a Package
  • Using for Loop Containers to Repeat Control Flow Tasks
  • Using the Foreach Loop Container to Loop through a collection of objects

Trouble Shooting SSIS

  • Logging Package Data
  • Using Event Handlers
  • Troubleshooting Errors
  • Using Data Viewers
  • Using Breakpoints

Day 4

SSIS Package Deployment

  • Overview of Deploying Packages
  • Deployment Challenges
  • Create a Package Deployment Utility
  • The Package Installation Wizard
  • Deploy a Package to the File System
  • Deploy a Package to SQL Server
  • Importing a Package Using Management Studio
  • Redeploying Update Packages

Administering SSIS

  • Creating and Configuring the SSIS Catalog
  • Deploying Packages to the SSIS Catalog
  • Securing SSIS Packages
  • Running SSIS Packages
  • Scheduling Packages

Wrap up and Review

  • Bringing it all Together
  • SSIS Component and Crib Notes
  • Problem and Solution Crib Notes
Lekki, Lagos Mar 20 - 24 Mar, 2017
NGN 200,000.00
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Our international certified trainers are highly experience Integration Services practitioners who have real-world expertise.